Show Support for Franchises on "Franchise Appreciation Day": A Day to Connect Consumers with their Local Franchises

Building and Strengthening the Relationships Between Consumers and Franchisees

Miami Beach, FL, July 29, 2011 --( Sociallybuzz is proud to announce their first annual Franchise Appreciation Day happening Saturday September 3rd, 2011. This is a day for both franchise owners, and their loyal consumers to demonstrate their loyalty and give thanks for quality products and services, and continued support. The majority of participating franchises, such as Jamba Juice, Golden Krust Bakery and Domino's Pizza, are giving away free items and/or significant discounts to consumers that show they have checked in to the establishment through Foursquare and/or Facebook Places.

Only a few days in since the launch of this necessary initiative- thousands of consumers have already signed up, with hundreds also showing interest in other franchises, ranging from McDonald's, Subway, and Starbucks, to Applebee's, just to name a few, according to Andre Kay, CEO of SociallyBuzz, the firm behind Franchise Appreciation Day. Kay urges those franchises not yet signed up to get involved as soon as possible, because their consumers are already lining up by the hundreds.

Why sign-up for Franchise Appreciation Day? How does it benefit both the franchise owners, and consumers?

Franchise Appreciation Day allows individual franchise owners to take a step beyond the typical national advertising efforts, by being more personable and reaching out to the people in their locale. With freebies and discounts as an incentive, the consumers would use their smart phones to "check-in" to the establishment, which allows their social media network of connections to be aware of their attendance there.

This information will broadcast to a broader audience, and will help increase awareness of that particular establishment. These check-ins are just as valued as word-of-mouth, because to the social media contacts, it is stemming from an intimate source. In addition to added exposure and business, franchise owners contribute in establishing a greater sense of loyalty amongst their customers, and the consumers enjoy the perks from the franchises they love to frequent.

Why else should consumers be willing to support their local franchises on Franchise Appreciation Day?

• The number of jobs filled within and because of franchised businesses: 17,430,700
• Franchised businesses account for 14% of the private sector employment and over $500 billion in payroll
• Direct and indirect economic impact of franchised businesses: $2.1 trillion
• 1 out of every 12 businesses is a franchise- over 828,138 are currently in operation.
• A new franchise opens every 8 minutes.

"We encourage consumers to continue supporting franchise businesses way beyond this annual one-day event," said Mr. Kay. Franchise Appreciation Day is just the stepping stone in building and strengthening the relationships between consumers and franchisees.

To learn more, or sign up for Franchise Appreciation Day as an owner or consumer, please visit:

Twitter: @FranchiseDay

About Sociallybuzz
Sociallybuzz is a social media management, marketing and advertising company, working with businesses and franchises to help them understand the importance of having a local social web presence and the values of having a great relationship with their walk-in consumers online. Sociallybuzz has over 50 experienced social media/online account managers, that know all social media and location based platforms inside and out, including tailoring specific verbiage and best practices.

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