QA Graphics Collaborates with KB Nutrition Consulting to Aid in Nutritional Menu Labeling

QA Graphics has formed a relationship with a nutrition expert to assist their clients when developing digital menu boards with nutritional information to meet the impending menu labeling laws.

Dallas, TX, July 29, 2011 --( QA Graphics, a Midwest interactive design company, has formed a relationship with KB Nutrition Consulting, a nutrition consulting firm, to further assist their clients when developing digital menu boards with nutritional menu labeling for use in restaurants, quick serve restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, retail outlets etc.

With the FDA’s impending menu labeling laws requiring restaurants to provide calorie information as well as other nutrition information on request, QA Graphics anticipates the increased use of digital menu boards to display this nutritional information. To facilitate a smooth transition for their clients, QA Graphics has formed an alliance with KB Nutrition Consulting. This collaboration will ensure that QA Graphics is familiar with the new menu labeling requirements and other trends relating to nutritional guidelines. In addition, KB Nutrition will serve as a resource for QA Graphics’ clients, available to help those that have not yet analyzed their menu’s nutritional values according to the menu labeling laws that will take effect later this year.

“By collaborating with KB Nutrition, we have access to an experienced professional to assist our clients in complying with menu labeling laws, as well as other nutritional guidelines,” said Dan McCarty, president and owner of QA Graphics. “Now’s an opportune time for restaurants of any size to switch to digital menu boards, to simplify compliance with the nutritional labeling laws and stay current with industry trends.”

KB Nutrition, located in Dallas, Texas, is dedicated to working with restaurants to provide nutrition information for their recipes, identify allergens and work to modify recipes to meet certain health guidelines. KB Nutrition can help QA Graphics’ clients determine what information must be displayed as part of the menu labeling laws, as well as what additional information needs to be available, such as calories from fat, cholesterol, sodium, total carbohydrates, etc. Kim Blum, owner of the nutrition company, brings over 10 years of experience as a registered dietitian, with extensive experience conducting nutrient analysis and menu development.

“Restaurants and food service establishments have a unique opportunity to provide nutrition information to their customers via menu labeling. In addition to posting calorie counts, restaurants can also provide allergen information as well as help patrons identify menu items that meet certain health guidelines,” said Kim Blum, MS, RD, owner of KB Nutrition. “Digital menu boards are the perfect way for restaurants to meet the needs of their health-conscious consumers and keep their company on track with current trends and laws.”

QA Graphics provides nutritional menu board design services for static digital signage, drive-through displays and interactive applications for use on kiosks in high-traffic areas. Example features include:

• Menu items/prices
• Nutritional information
• Allergen information
• Promotions/specials
• Day parting capabilities
• Advertisements
• Entertainment
• News feeds
• Weather forecast
• Company information
• Sustainable initiatives
• Other custom solutions

QA Graphics’ nutritional menu displays are developed with a content management system (CMS) so menu items, nutrition details, prices and specials can be updated from one central location ― with the updates quickly reflected at multiple locations. They also offer a variety of commercial LCDs, touchscreens and interactive kiosks to provide a turnkey solution. To learn more about these services and how KB Nutrition can aid in menu analysis and labeling guidelines, visit or contact QA Graphics at 515.965.3403.

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About KB Nutrition
Kim Blum is the owner of KB Nutrition Consulting in Dallas, Texas. KB Nutrition is dedicated to working with restaurants to provide the nutrition information for their recipes, identify allergens and work to modify recipes to meet certain health guidelines. For more information, contact

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