Banner Advertising Can Produce a Good Income

Website affiliate schemes either text links or banners have the potential to add value to websites by offering visitors related products and commissions to the site owner.

London, United Kingdom, March 28, 2007 --( Website affiliations is big business these days, almost every single commercial and in some cases many non commercial websites have affiliations to other sites, these may be in the form of a text link, where a piece of text either an article or advert has an embedded link within in it, this is normally a keyword related to the business such as “private number plates” this would stand out from the rest of the text because it may be in bold, underlined or in cases can be in a different colour to the rest of the text, either way by running the mouse pointer over the word it is possible to see that it may link to a car registration number plate dealer like or alternatively the affiliation will be in the form of banners, these come in various sizes, colours and are these days very animated, compared to a while ago when a logo would have been used, these banners can consist of several layers that form a mini advert, with these banners there is no doubt as to where the link will take the user and therefore these types of banner are the most effective and the ones which will produce the top results for the affiliation.

What would normally happen in the case of a website owner signing up with an affiliation scheme is that the company would give the site owner several options of text or banner ads, these come with a code that is special to that client, this code is then placed onto the website and as and when a visitor clicks on the banner and buys something from the business that the site is affiliated to, there is a commission earned, in the case of the commission rate is up to 5% if the average private number plate is around £5000 then the site owner will get a commission of £250, which is note bad for placing a piece of code onto the website.

It is possible to use affiliate schemes not only to encourage visitors to return to the site, because of the information and links to useful sites, but by carefully choosing affiliate partners to match the interests of the visitors it is possible to earn a very reasonable monthly income, and thus giving the sites visitors a reason to return to the site time after time.

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