Personally Yours Registrations Have the 2009 DVLA Number Plate Auctions Covered

Personally Yours Registrations have got the DVLA personalised number plate auction covered for clients. - December 15, 2008

Personally Yours Registrations Highlight the Changes to the New Number Plate Laws

Personally Yours Registrations offer customers and visitors to their website information about changes to number plate rules. - December 02, 2008

Personally Yours Registrations Have a Great New Free to Enter Number Plate Competition

Personally Yours Registrations have a great new competition that offers customers the chance to win a number plate voucher. - October 21, 2008

Personally Yours Registrations Introduce the Easy Map for Fast and Easy Access to the Information Pages

Personally Yours Registrations introduces the Easy Map; this is a fast and easy way of getting number plate information at the click of a mouse. - August 26, 2008

Personally Yours Registrations Launch Free Number Plate Valuation Service

Personally Yours Registrations offer free valuations for owners of private number plates. - August 05, 2008

Personally Yours Registrations Introduce a New and Improved Affiliate Scheme, Where Money Can be Made from Private Number Plates

Personally Yours Registrations has a great new affiliate scheme that takes seconds to set up and has the potential to bring in £1,000’s. - July 08, 2008

Personally Yours Registrations Have a New Buyers Guide, Available on Their Website

Personally Yours Registrations have an online number plate buyer’s guide which is available to all free of charge. - June 10, 2008 Has Introduced a New and Free to Enter Number Plate Competition

Personally Yours Registrations are starting a new competition, it’s fun and free and there are number plate vouchers to be won. - May 27, 2008 Opens Up an Online Number Facility Where Anyone Can Join in with the Number Plate Auction Craze

Personally Yours Registrations have introduced a new online number plate auction, giving customers the opportunity to join in the number plate auction craze. - April 01, 2008 Have Added Number Plate Videos to Their Site

Personally Yours Registrations are offering number plate videos on their website now, - March 04, 2008 Has the Car Numbers (2008 Edition) on Sale Now

Personally Yours Registrations are offering the Car Numbers (2008 Edition) at a very special price of £45. - February 19, 2008

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary by Entering Into the Free Number Plate Competition

Personally Yours Registrations are giving away thousands of pounds worth of gift vouchers, ready for the festive season. - January 22, 2008 Have New Number Plate News from Around the Web on Their Website offers number plate news and breaking stories at - January 08, 2008 Have Integrated Their Car and Number Plate Blog Into the Main Site have moved their car and number plate blog into the main website, - December 25, 2007

A Private Number is Not Just for Christmas at, It's for Life has some festive season offers. - December 04, 2007 is Looking for Affiliates to Earn Extra Cash is keen to offer website owners the opportunity to sign up for the number plate affiliate scheme, with high earnings possible and fast sign up features. - November 20, 2007 Offers a Weekly Number Plate Sale Prices Start at £199

There is a great way to get car registration numbers at bargain prices. This is the weekly car registration sale. - November 06, 2007

Customers Can Make Their Number Plates at offers a great way of seeing the number plate before clients buy, with the “Make Your Own” number plate service. - October 23, 2007 Advises on Transferring Private Number Plates offer expert online help for buyers and sellers of private number plates. With nearly twenty years experience in the business, the company has built up a knowledge bank to help clients through the transfer process. - October 09, 2007 Gets Website Update, have redesigned their website; the site has many new features and offers clear links to relevant pages. - September 25, 2007

Irish Number Plates Can Now be Ordered from offers the opportunity to buy unique Irish car registration numbers, which include the letters I and Z. - September 11, 2007 Introduces Gift Certificates introduce number plate gift vouchers, now a personalised number plate can be given as a gift. - August 28, 2007 at the DVLA Auctions in September 2007 offers car registration number plate auction bidding service. Clients can instruct the company to buy on their behalf. - August 14, 2007 Latest Stock Offers

Great deals on owned private number plates. Prices are guaranteed to be the lowest around and cannot be purchased cheaper anywhere else. These number plates start at only £199. - July 31, 2007 Holds On-Line Auction are holding an on line number plate auction. This is a great opportunity for someone to pick up a great bargain or two - - July 16, 2007

Number Plate Raffle by are holding a raffle for the number plate, JET 228 worth £3,499. Tickets are just £50 and it must be won. - June 20, 2007

Personally Yours Registrations Free to Enter Competition

UK's leading number plate dealer, is running a competition where discount vouchers are being offered as prizes, thousands of pound of vouchers to be won, free to enter, by answering a three easy questions. - June 05, 2007

Exclusive Gold Club Announced

Personally Yours Registrations announce the launch of their very special and exclusive Gold Club, the club that gives members top service, - May 21, 2007

Guide for Number Plate Buyers the UK's leading private number plate dealer, has put together a a guide for buyers of private number plates which will help buyers through the complicated buying process. - May 10, 2007

Private Number Plate Sellers Can Find Buyers On-Line

Personally Yours Registrations develops a totally unique search system which matches buyers and sellers of private number plates. This now takes the hassle out selling a number plate as all can be done on-line. - May 04, 2007

Build Your Own Private Number Plate

Personally Yours Registrations, offer the ability to search for private number plates on the new system that they have introduced - - April 26, 2007

New Private Number Plate Price Match Guarantee

Personally Yours Registrations offer customers a price match guarantee, where a genuine price found with any other number plate dealer will be matched, cheap prices backed up by 20 years experience. - April 20, 2007

Personally Yours Registrations Open Office Up via Web Cam

Personally Yours Registrations open up their sales office via webcam, now clients can see who they are dealing with, - April 12, 2007

Banner Advertising Can Produce a Good Income

Website affiliate schemes either text links or banners have the potential to add value to websites by offering visitors related products and commissions to the site owner. - March 28, 2007

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