Jataayu Enters the African Market: Provides WAP 2.0 Gateway to CELTEL Group Networks

CELTEL has chosen Jataayu's highly successful WAP 2.0 Gateway along with its Integrated Service and Subscription Environment (ISSE) to provide highly flexible on-demand WAP services in 12 countries in Africa.

Bangalore, India, March 29, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Jataayu Software, a leading provider of mobile Value Added Solutions for the Network Operators and handset vendors, today announced that CELTEL, a leading pan-African Mobile Service Provider, has chosen its highly successful WAP 2.0 Gateway along with its Integrated Service and Subscription Environment (ISSE) to provide highly flexible on-demand WAP services in 12 countries in Africa.

CELTEL’s deployment of Jataayu WAP Gateway with ISSE would enable it to have better control over the WAP services, easier administration & management, reduce provisioning cycles and provide an online subscriber self-service & service management facility.

"We are excited about the implementation at Celtel," said Mr. Mahesh Jain, Chairman and Managing Director of Jataayu Software. “We believe that this deployment will enable CELTEL to offer better WAP services, which would not only expand its user base, but also reduce its Total Cost of Ownership, resulting in significant returns from the WAP infrastructure investment.”

Dennis Baguyo, CELTEL Group Senior Billing Manager said: "The Jataayu WAP Gateway with the ISSE environment promotes increased value to our subscribers through additional services. We are impressed with Jataayu’s flexible, high-performance technology that could accommodate our advanced billing, provisioning, and subscription requirements to create additional revenue streams through new service offerings. Jataayu’s committed support services have contributed significantly to the ease of our service rollout."

Jataayu's infrastructure solutions are deployed at over 50 Carrier locations around the world. The Jataayu WAP Gateway scales to support millions of subscribers with reliable performance - record WAP Gateway performance of over 12 million hits/day!

About Jataayu Software

Jataayu Software is a leading provider of mobile handset solutions and VAS infrastructure solutions in the areas of mobile messaging, browsing, synchronisation and provisioning. 

Jataayu offers carrier-scale, proven infrastructure software products such as MMSC, WAP Gateway, SMS Gateway, SyncML, IMPS and Notification/ Alert systems for Mobile Operators on GSM/GPRS/3G and CDMA environments. Jataayu’s infrastructure products are currently deployed at over 50 Carrier locations worldwide supporting some of the highest reliability and performance figures, reported anywhere in the world.

The handset solutions offered by Jataayu include WAP 2.0/HTML browsers, MMS clients, Sync Clients, IMPS Clients, Email, OTA and other applications that are based on open standards, are highly portable, interoperable and platform agnostic (Windows MobileOS, PalmOS, Symbian, J2ME, BREW and other native OS platforms). Jataayu handset solutions are licensed by leading device manufacturers, ODMs and suppliers of reference platforms for the present and next generation devices and have shipped on more than 20 Million handsets, worldwide.

More information on the company can be found at www.jataayusoft.com

Based in the Netherlands, CELTEL is a leading mobile phone operator in the African continent.  It began its mobile phone operations in 1998 and since then has acquired networks in 15 African countries under licences that cover more than a third of Africa’s population.

Its original holding company, MSI Cellular Investments, changed its name to CELTEL International, B.V. in January 2004. In April 2005, CELTEL became a wholly owned subsidiary of the MTC Group, which acquired it for US$ 3.36B in April 2005.

CELTEL’s goal is to build and operate world-class networks that will keep pace technologically with networks in Europe and North America.

More information on the company can be found at www.celtel.com.

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