ATEN Unveils Flexible, Remote-Controlled Power Distribution Line

The PN5/PN7 Power Distribution Units minimize power costs and ensure high levels of system availability for all server rooms.

New Taipei City, Taiwan, July 30, 2011 --( ATEN International, a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions, today launched its PN5/PN7 power distribution units (PDU), the latest in ATEN’s suite of ALTUSEN Power Over the NET products. The PN5/PN7 products offer outlet-level control combined with remote access to give IT administrators the ability to power control devices attached to the unit from practically any location via a TCP/IP connection.

Catering to high-density server deployments, the PN5/PN7 products are a model of efficiency, improving server rack usage, enhancing power consumption monitoring, increasing server efficiency and IT personnel productivity. With support for real-time power status measurement, the PN5/PN7 products enable administrators to monitor the current, voltage and power consumption of their IT equipment, either at the PDU or outlet level, minimizing the power cost of running their equipment, and ensuring high levels of system availability for server rooms of all sizes. In addition, the PN5/PN7 PDU features a space-saving 0U design that allows it to be mounted vertically on the outside of the rack, resulting in a more efficient use of server room space, and the elimination of the usual cable clutter.

"An enterprise-class solution, our PN5/PN7 products are perfect for any organization that needs to maximize its servers and IT infrastructure," said Kevin Chen, President of ATEN International. "Whether you’re a data center, an enterprise or an SMB, our flexible products will enable you to get the most out of your power, thereby reducing cost, increasing efficiency and improving productivity."

The PN5/PN7 PDU supports daisy-chaining and outlet groups to provide redundant power management. Equipment with dual power supplies can be assigned to outlet groups for convenient control. Since up to 15 additional units can be daisy chained from the master unit, IT administrators can connect a server’s power cords to different units - each of which is connected to a separate power source - for failsafe operation. Management efficiency is also increased, since the power status of both outlets can be monitored and controlled from the same portal.

Other key features of the PN5/PN7 products include:
‧ Flexible power control/safe shutdown support: Leveraging the products’ built-in safe shutdown software, IT administrators can control servers remotely and completely shut down servers before powering them off.
‧ Real-time power and environmental monitoring: A real-time measuring feature, coupled with a threshold alarm, keeps personnel informed of the operating status of all attached equipment. The PN5/PN7 products support external environment sensors that allow administrators to monitor temperature and humidity remotely.
‧ Early warning notification: Warning messages regarding triggered alarms can be sent via an SMTP server or SMS via the unit's Digital Output port. The PN5/PN7 product permit server room administrators to set custom thresholds for current, voltage, power consumption, humidity, and temperature.
‧ Daisy chain support/redundant power management: The new products support daisy-chaining and outlet groups to provide redundant power management. Equipment with dual power supplies can be assigned to outlet groups for convenient control.
‧ Centralized management: Utilizing ALTUSEN's CC (Control Center Over the NET) management software gives IT administrators the advantages of centralized control for Power Over the NET and KN4140v KVM Over the NET series products from a single user interface.

The PN5/PN7 series is comprised of the following product configurations:
‧ PN5212
- 20A / 16A, 12 outlets
‧ PN5320
- 30A / 32A, 20 outlets
‧ PN7212
- 20A / 16A, 12 outlets
- PDU and outlet power measurement
- Sensor ports, digital output and modem support
‧ PN7320
- 30A / 32A, 20 Outlets
- PDU and outlet power measurement
- Sensor ports, digital output and modem support

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