Magic Lice Removal Brings Revolutionary New Head Lice Treatment to Southern Florida

As the exclusive service provider of the LouseBusterâ„¢ Treatment, Magic Lice Removal can now kill and remove lice and nits in a single appointment with absolutely no follow up appointments, treatments, products, expenses or stress.

Miami, FL, July 30, 2011 --( Magic Lice Removal, a Miami-based head lice removal service, today announced that it is now the exclusive Southern Florida service provider of the LouseBuster™ Treatment. Using the revolutionary FDA-cleared device provides a new, chemical-free way to kill head lice and eggs using only controlled, heated air. Clinical studies show that the device provides a safe, fast and highly effective method to kill all stages of head lice - including their eggs*.

The LouseBuster™ device, supplied by Larada Sciences, a science-based medical company put the device through clinical trials which showed that the application of a sufficient volume of controlled, heated air at a specific temperature is extremely effective at killing lice, including virtually all of their eggs, during a single 30-minute treatment. The treatment works by dehydrating lice and their eggs, driving off water that is essential to sustaining life. Unlike chemical treatments, to which many strains of lice have evolved genetic resistance, this approach is very likely to be "evolution-proof."

"I am excited to provide this service to my clients throughout South Florida,” said Tova Levine, Founder of Magic Lice Removal and a trained, LouseBuster Certified Operator™. Magic Lice Removal has been in business offering in-home lice treatment using natural, non-toxic products to manually comb and nitpick to get rid of both lice and nits.

Levine continues, “Because over the counter products aren't as effective at killing lice eggs (nits), a follow up treatment is required. Manual removal is effective, but requires continued combing to confirm all eggs were removed. I can now offer my customers a lice treatment that is over after a single appointment with no follow up needed. Their stress is over immediately. That is pretty amazing.”

About Magic Lice Removal – Magic Lice Removal was founded by Tova Levine to offer non-toxic lice removal throughout South Florida. The affordable in-home service offers both convenience and privacy. The products and methods used are safe, non-toxic and all natural. For more information about Magic Lice Removal or the LouseBuster™ device, call (305) 814-7032 or visit We make head lice disappear!

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