PublishAmerica Presents OHS by Terrence E. Gaylor

Frederick, MD, March 29, 2007 --( PublishAmerica is proud to present OHS: The Ohio River Fever: No Cure, Few Answers, and Only Hope: One Man’s Battle with the Incurable Disease by Terrence E. Gaylor of Aurora, North Carolina.

OHS, ocular histoplasmosis syndrome, has no cure, very few answers, and only hope. Dubbed the Ohio River Fever, it is known as the number-one cause in blindness in young people in America. This is the story of a native Ohioan, how he was stricken in the prime of his life by OHS, how he deals with it, and where he turns for answers for the many questions one has when facing an incurable eye disease.

Many young people are finding themselves victims of this terrible eye disease, and histoplasmosis can also affect other organs in the body. A foundation to try to help those diagnosed with OHS, those who cannot afford emergency surgery, and those who need counseling will be formed with proceeds of this book. There are many who need special help and counseling.

Terrence R. Gaylor was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up exploring the beautiful outdoors of the Ohio River valley, not knowing he was exposing himself to a rare, incurable disease called OHS that would later, in the prime of his life, begin to take his eyesight. Like so many others in that region, people would later find themselves hopeless and afflicted by this disease, forever wondering why and how they were afflicted and only able to find few answers. There is little known about the disease OHS, no cure, and only hope. Hope is what carries him now.

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