Lisa Taylor Calls on Ancient Sumerian History for New Story

2012 was part of a prophecy long before the Mayans. In this new novel, The Hour of Tiamat, based on mythology from the ancient nation-state of Sumer, four teenagers have discovered the knowledge to bring man's dark creators back to Earth. If they are going to stop this apocalypse, Tristan, a traitor of the ancient ways, and Evelyn, whose past and future seem inextricably tangled with Tristan's, must face murderers, monsters and perhaps the most terrifying, theirselves.

Lexington, KY, August 02, 2011 --( New young adult book brings light to ancient Sumerian prophecy regarding the world’s end.

Nearly everyone has heard the Mayan prophecies regarding a massive world shift in the year 2012. Many people don't realize that the oldest known civilization, the ancient Sumerians, predicted the same date. The Hour of Tiamat (published by AuthorHouse) by Lisa M. Taylor tells the story of three teenagers and their battle against the ancient world as they fight to stop this event that has been foretold for thousands of years.

Legend states that thousands of years ago, the human race was freed from its dark creators by the Elders, the Gods of the sky worshiped by the first civilization to ever grace the Earth. These creators, the Ancient Ones, led by the giant dragon, Tiamat, were banished, locked behind a gate at the edge of space itself. Though most of humanity rejoiced at the end of their enslavement, those loyal to the Ancient Ones fought back, defending their masters.

To create peace, the Elders decreed that at the next galactic alignment there would be one hour during which, if the humans wished, they could bring the Ancient Ones back to Earth. This alignment will occur on December 21, 2012, and the hour is known as The Hour of Tiamat.

In The Hour of Tiamat, four teenagers from a small Texas town have discovered the dreaded Necronomicon, a book said to carry all Sumerian knowledge. For years they have studied the ways of the Ancient Ones, and tonight they will gather together to bring back the ancient rulers, and in turn become rulers themselves. Tristan, a traitor of the ancient ways, and Evelyn, whose past and future are inextricably tangled with Tristan’s, must race against murderers, monsters, and even their own inner demons to stop this apocalypse before it’s too late.

“I am fascinated by a lot of subjects, but I spent a lot of time in high school studying ancient history. Sumer is the first recorded civilization that archaeologists know of,” explains Taylor. "This nation-state is fascinating because so little is known, though much is speculated."

About the Author:
Lisa M. Taylor is a recent graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. Her bachelor's degree is in physics, but she has spent her life studying a multitude of subjects that interest her, including ancient history, religion, science, psychology and literature. Taylor lives Kentucky with her sister and two wonderful border collies, enjoying the great outdoors and writing her next project, a young adult, fantasy trilogy.

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