Righteous Anger: Mad Enough to Make a Change by Steffannie Roache

New Book Release by Steffannie Roache "Righteous Mind: Mad Enough to Make a Change." There comes a time in everyone's life when we decide it's time to Grow are you ready? Publisher: Plain & Simple Books, North Bend, Oregon. Retail Cover Price: $14.95. ISBN 13: 978-1463560270 / Library of Congress Control Number: 2011931107. Available: Retailers & Wholesalers, Baker & Taylor, Ingram, Amazon.com, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and your local book store by request.

Fairview, OR, August 01, 2011 --(PR.com)-- New Book Release...

Righteous Mind: Mad Enough to Make a Change by Steffannie Roache

Million’s of adults feel "crazy" everyday of their lives. They fight through their depression, anxiety, and addictions, doing all they can to stay sane just one more day. Righteous Anger: Mad Enough to Make a Change is written with them in mind. The term "Righteous Anger" describes the pure passion needed for real change. It’s the green light to violently tear down problems arising from the ashes of our past and a war cry for those desperately seeking an end to anxiety, hopelessness, and the hellish cravings of life-long bad habits. Written for the Believer and the Seeker alike, and designed for those who fill packed altar calls each Sunday morning; many as a last resort before they give in. God is able to restore, deliver, and set you free… yet you may need to operate in faith and action. This book was written to encourage and inspire you through Biblical truths that lead to freedom.

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