Christos Prevezas Software Releases New Photo Comparison Software Application

Christos Prevezas Software released a new image comparison software application that can be used to compare two images side by side. In this way, differences can be spotted and various assessments can be made.

Athens, Greece, August 02, 2011 --( "PhotoComparer+" is a newly released software image comparison application that has been designed for the detailed side by side comparison of images.

It enables the user to examine both photos at the same time, to find their differences and to make various assessments.The application can be used for example from dermatologistsis and is particularly useful for skin condition progress monitoring by comparing diagnostic images taken at different points of time. Moreover, it can be used from anyone that needs to compare two photos that were shoot on two different dates in order to identify the progress of a condition.

Images can be opened and viewed in more detail by zooming in, or can be displayed in fullscreen mode, as a single image or even with two images side by side in fullscreen mode. Comparisons can also be made by opening up images with a simple drag and drop, or by right clicking and selecting "Send to PhotoComparer+."

It is also possible to easily zoom in to exactly the same point on the two images that are being compared (parallel zoom). Adjustments such as brightness, contrast, sharpen, negative image, grayscale and image rotation can be applied.

Comments for every image are then stored in a database. Each image can either be printed or e-mailed including patient details and image comments.

Visit for more information on "PhotoComparer+" and to download your free trial copy.

About Christos Prevezas Software:

Christos Prevezas Software is newly established and specializes in medical software. It has developed so far an application for dermatologists for body mole mapping and another one for photo comparison. It is located in Athens, Greece.

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