"I Love You to Death" Outsells Other Titles by Rebone on Amazon.com

A Short Crime Fiction Story About a Girl and Her Jilted Lover Leads the Pack.

Mokopane, South Africa, August 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- www.amazon.com/I-Love-You-Death-ebook/dp/B005C474WQ/ref

I LOVE YOU TO DEATH, a short crime fiction ebook that talks about teen love and abusive relationship is fast outselling other works by Rebone Makgato on Amazon. Although the story is short fiction, the genre hasn't discouraged readers and book lovers who purchase and read the ebook. This is primarily because the narration, told in simple everyday English, entices the reader to sub-topics that are so familiar and encountered by young lovers all over the world, especially girls, who always think they'd bagged the right partner.

Rebone masterfully draws the reader to the troubling relationship and teen angst. The reader is immediately drawn into the shoes of Glenda, the rebellious teenager as she becomes helpless in her devotion to her boyfriend Veli.

It was because love has blinded Glenda to such an extent that she worshiped her boyfriend. Much older than Glenda, Veli has been around the block. Even when Veli abused her, she always protected him. He was the best thing to ever happen to her. She never thought of leaving him. Until one day, at Veli's friend's birthday bash in Johannesburg, when a fight turned nasty.

When she ran away from her upmarket home at the age of eighteen to shack up with Veli, Glenda believed that he was the end of the world.

The trouble with Veli was that he was a drunkard.

And boy, when he was clobbered he argued and used Glenda's beautiful face as a punching bag. But all these teen tribulations weren't to put Glenda down.

One thing Glenda knew was that Veli loved her more than anything in the world - even to death.

The events that led to a brawl one Saturday saw Veli teach Glenda a lesson she would never need to remember because...

He loved her to death.

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