Maria Amor, CEO & President of "Exotifit for Humanity," is in Search of "The Perfect Creature"

Maria Amor, beautiful Hollywood media mogul, is poised to present The 2nd Annual Exotifit International Inc., Anniversary Party via a press conference and awards party celebration for " for Exotifit for Humanity, a non profit company... Also,a new news magazine, COLD Heat will be unveiled.

Los Angeles, CA, August 11, 2011 --( Maria Amor, former Ms. Asia, and founder of the fitness and arts company named Exotift for Humanity, which educates and helps disadvantaged people worldwide thru entertainment and the arts, is celebrating the second anniversary of her event, "The Search For The Perfect Creature," on August 28, 2011 at 5 pm at The Sunset Canyon Recreation Center, 111 Easton Drive, Los Angeles CA 90095. This is not only an anniversary celebration of the creation of Exotifit for Humanity, but it is also a press conference hailing the achievements of her "Perfect Team" press members. This event also announces that Exotifit is, synergistically, as the search intensifies, joining forces with the entertainment company Myelitemodels Management team, as they both search for the "perfect creature." Myelitemodels will be one of the main companies supplying models for, not only this event and but for other Exotifit red carpet events in the future.

In addition, Ms. Amor is announcing the creation of her "baby"--Cold-Heat News Magazine. This publication and its launch date are to be unvieled. Ms. Amor along with sports writer, Maurice D Smith, co-founder of Cold-Heat, and independent on-line tv producer, will also launch an open call for not only writers, sponsors, models, actors, singers, and entertainment performers, but also journalism professionals. Cold Heat will become the definitive media and information publication, providing both relevant entertainment news,and entertainment job postings. It will also assist in launching and aiding entertainment and journalism careers.

Furthermore, Ms. Amor will also announce that she will be visiting the Phillippeans to donate funds to some of the disadvantaged villages there. She will be doing this jointly with an organization called A Brothers Keeper. In addition, she will also be helping a needy journalist named Mitchell Freeman. Ms. Amor said, "this coming event, in addition to celebrating 'Exotific Media Appreciation,' on August 28, 2011, raising donations for Mitchell by drawing Raffle Gifts is very important and that some proceeds will go directly to him."

Ms. Amor's event, which not only celebrates the perfect creature 2nd anniversary and hails the press, but also offers, all participating guests, media and performers something that is part "American Idol" and surrrealistic--helping others less fortunate as they help themselves gain exposure within the entertainment communities in the world. Ms. Amor's life altering charities and events are well known throughout both California and the world. Ms. Amor, a former Ms. Asia, is poised to not only make a difference in this world, but enhance the quality of many entertainers' careers. The advertisement is as follows:

This is the 2nd Annual Exotifit International Inc., Anniversary Party. It is in cooperation with Maurice Dwayne Smith & The Perfect Team. Maria Amor's benefit is for Exotifit for Humanity, a non-profit organization which specializes in art and entertainment. She is presenting an event entitled, "Exoti-Luau, Exoti-Media Appreciation (3rd Season), Perfect Creatures Press Conference."

It’s that time of year when the Empire of Exotifit was born, August 15, 2009 to be exact. And here she is, after so many Exoti-Angels & Goddesses performances in the corporate arena, Hollywood limelight and Charitable fund raising events. After two years of various successful shows, giving awards to media and giving back to the community, and after the internationally acclaimed Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant, EXOTIFIT is here once again to deliver another exciting saga - The Mr. & Ms. Perfect Creature Pageant. It is Backed-up and organized by Maria Amor & The Perfect Team.This pageant will be a journey of amazing creatures and events.

There’s no better way to celebrate Exotifit's 2nd year Anniversary than by experiencing the sensation of a Luau ambience.It will be a diversified experience consisting of a Hawaiian buffet, tiki torches ,roasted pig, hula dancers, fire dancers, and musical performances such as drums and special performances by Jesse Jam Miranda, Michele Andria and Maria Amor. (

And of course, Exotifit presents the much awaited 3rd Season of the Exoti-Media Appreciation in which awards will be given to deserving Media Sweethearts. This time, there will be wonderful sponsors present to give the awards. And as usual, if you are an invited Press, your food and drinks are free.

The lucky "Exoti-Recipients of Awards" are as follows:
1. Exoti-Photographer
2. Exoti-Media
3. Exoti-Journalist
4. Exoti-Friend
5. Exoti-Family

Maurice Dwayne Smoth
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