DNA2Diamonds Provides New Payment Plans for Customers

DNA2Diamond customers can now make monthly payments with 1 of 2 new plans.

Fort Washington, PA, August 03, 2011 --(PR.com)-- DNA2Diamonds, the premier provider of man-made diamonds custom created from a source of signature carbon (hair or ashes), announced today they have added new payment options for their customers. There are two plans that are offered to customers; the Installment Payment Plan and the Layaway Plan.

The Installment Payment Plan is interest free with 12 monthly installments. Following the customer’s request to use this plan (and selection of diamond and jewelry setting), DNA2Diamonds will electronically send to the customer an application and payment schedule specific to the purchase amount. Customers submit their completed application along with the first monthly installment payment and the diamond creation begins immediately.

The second option is the Layaway Plan with no set up fees. Diamond prices are frozen for one year following plan initiation. This plan gives customers the flexibility to make different payment amounts into their fund at different times without a fixed schedule. The customer decides when to finalize their order. Due to the flexibility within the plan, the diamond creation process begins when accumulated payments reaches 70% of the total purchase price. Customers can convert from the Layaway to the Installment Plan at anytime.

"We recognize the importance of providing customers with multiple payment options at the checkout," said Tom Bischoff, President/CEO, DNA2Diamonds, LLC. "Consumers are mindful of how they are managing their spending and continue to look for ways to maximize their budgets. Our payment plans are a smart shopping solution that makes it more affordable for customers to pay for larger purchases."

Monthly Payment Plan options are available for qualifying purchases of diamonds with or without a jewelry selection. More details about the payments plans can be viewed on their website at: http://www.dna2diamonds.com/payment-plans.

Deborah Ogden