“Uneak” Author, J.A. Carlton Launches “Heroes Of The Line” Campaign via Facebook

Last weekend J.A. Carlton, Uneak Press, Inc.’s first author launched a child abuse prevention campaign on her Nick, of Time Facebook page. The campaign, urging visitors to “Join the Heroes of the Line” (after the title of her book series), pledges 30% of the author’s own royalties toward the prevention of child abuse.

Austin, TX, August 04, 2011 --(PR.com)-- As in most of her books, the name-sake character in J.A. Carlton’s latest release, “Nick, of Time; Heroes of the Line Book 1” is no stranger to intense childhood traumas.

To draw attention to what she calls the “Silent epidemic of child abuse”, Carlton has launched her “Heroes of the Line” campaign, asking readers to join by purchasing any of her books and pledging a whopping 30% of her own royalties to various Child Abuse Prevention agencies.

“It’s a known fact that in times of economic hardship, levels of domestic and child abuse skyrocket. These times are some of the hardest I’ve seen.” – J.A. Carlton.

The campaign is run from Nick, of Time’s Facebook page which offers free sample chapters; book trailers; of course a “shop” to access her books so one can indulge their inner hero; blog/notes on writing and other avenues of entertainment, and eventually even discussion boards.

All four of her available books listed in the shop are linked to their E-Book pages on Amazon.com, though all are also available for Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and in hard copy.

“Jill knows times are tough out there, that’s why we’re keeping her e-book prices down and promoting them over the hard copies that cost more and require shipping fees. E-books are also a lot greener,” says Elaine Zuliani, CFO and Spokesperson for Uneak Press, Inc.

“Nicky” as Carlton refers to the first book in the series, centers on a pair of young brothers, Nick and Frankie Emerson, aged 10 and 5 respectively. Through the story these boys learn there’s more to life than schoolyard bullies and their mom’s creepy boyfriend, things like Living Dark and its sinister agents, against whom they’re destined to lead a war to save the Light.

It’s not the Dark or its agents, the vile Schades, however; that are the cause of the trauma, in fact it’s the danger lurking through their everyday world in the form of the “creepy boyfriend” that makes the story so disturbing. Though Mr. Pigg’s (as the boys call Dick Pickerd) appearances through the pages are fairly limited, Carlton has a knack for coaxing the reader into imagining events far more disturbing than she describes.

Both the author and her publisher Uneak Press, Inc. consider the series suitable for Young Adults. Carlton does so with the understanding that children who may be suffering abuse will have a character they can relate to, and those who aren’t, know someone who is and may be inspired to find some safe way to help.

Whether it’s because of, or in spite of, the disturbing undercurrents of the story, early reviews are already calling for the second book: Second Hand; Heroes of the Line Book 2, the second edition of which is slated for release in the spring of 2012.

“Nick and Frankie are very believable little boys who made me want to scoop them up, feed them grilled cheese sandwiches, and throw my puny fists into the faces of anyone who tried to hurt them.” – Lisa Fary – PinkRayGun.com

“It's a story of brothers, of love, of courage… You can't help but fall in love with Nick and Frankie!” – S.T. Gratsinger (Amazon.com review)

“Superficially, Carlton provides readers with a compelling plot; beneath the surface, the thematic elements of good v. evil, destiny v. choice, overcoming adversity, courage, honor, family, love, and duty give the story deeper meaning. The two brothers’ love for each other is truly touching, and Carlton addresses far deeper themes and topics than other gifted children type stories, making for an intense and meaningful plot. Indeed, Carlton’s page-turning story leaves readers anxious for the next installment of the Heroes of the Line series.” – Bwbatlarge – (Amazon.com review)

J.A. Carlton is the “foundation” author at Uneak Press, Inc. a small Austin, Tx. based publisher more concerned with good story telling than formula. Uneak considers itself a haven for local storytellers, wordsmiths and artisans, and will soon be adding two new members to its “family,” one a local artist and the other another local author.

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