Banff Springs and Ski Mountain Sports Announces Their Custom Boot Fitting Service

Banff, Canada, August 04, 2011 --( Banff Springs Ski and Mountain Sports just announced that the company has developed a custom boot fitting service, led by industry leading custom boot fitters. This service is ideal for anyone from the recreation skier to professional instructors. The specialty service ensures the perfect ski boot fit, resulting in an improved performance on the slopes.

The process of custom boot fitting involves a comprehensive analysis of the skier: measurements, past injury consideration, preferred terrain, experience and bio-mechanics of the athlete. With a boot punching and shaping machine, Banff Springs and Ski Mountain Sports constructs a shell that matches exactly to the foot shape. The boot sole planning, changes the angle at which the bottom of the boot interfaces with the ski. This achieves the perfect alignment in both legs after a stance analysis.

Custom boot fitting services takes the individual into consideration, with the understanding that every athlete is built differently. With a thorough assessment the skier can have a custom boot that is tailored to their needs. This prevents injury, provides comfort and improves overall performance.

In addition to custom boot fitting services, Banff Springs Ski and Mountain Sports rents sporting equipment all year around including hiking, cycling, skis and snowboarding rentals.

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