Employers Can Train New Hires in Style with ACISCO, Inc.’s Telemarketing/Call Center Modular Stations

ACISCO, Inc.’s line of telemarketing/call center modular stations makes employee training simple and efficient.

Jericho, NY, August 04, 2011 --(PR.com)-- ACISCO, Inc., a leading provider of modular office furniture, is showcasing its line of telemarketing/call center stations, several of which can be used for training purposes as well. Mostly closed-off but featuring generous openings, these modular workstations are ideal for employee training, affording both instructors and students optimal visibility of each other while maintaining individual workspaces.

"ACISCO strives to provide diverse, multifunctional furniture, and our collection of telemarketing modular workstations fully embody this goal. Our modular office furniture is both functional and flexible, able to match any budget, workflow pattern, or corporate aesthetic," said Meridith Zwirn, the COO of ACISCO.

The FMC_32 in particular, with one main desk area and six sub-areas divided by low walls, makes training seminars a snap, giving the trainer the opportunity to address trainees individually or en masse. Additionally, two of these modular stations could be placed together for team leaders who want to share the responsibilities of training.

Similarly, the FMC_017 modular office furniture offers four sections with four low walls and detachable add-ons. The walls can be removed to create larger work areas for those who desire it, or replaced for those who wish for more privacy.

ACISCO, Inc. also offers a line of modular office furniture designed solely for the purpose of training. The FTR_020, FTR_25, and FTR_042, all separate series of chair-and-desk combos, help provide a classroom atmosphere. They can be arranged however best suits the training room or teaching method, and the buyer can request as many or as few as is needed.

As with the FMC models, the FTRs span a wide range of styles, allowing for easy coordination with existing decor. The FTR_25, for instance, a mix of paisley and faux leather, promotes a vintage feel, while the thin, hard-angled black desk and curved white office seating of the FTR_042 model is more modern.

“Many of our clients hold a number of training sessions on site both for new and current employees, and there’s no right way to do it. We have dozens of different styles of office furniture for sale, including the multi-desk and chair combinations, as well as those offering shared table space and chairs,” said Zwirn.

For more information on ACISCO, Inc. or to browse its selection of telemarketing/call center stations and other modular office furniture, visit www.ACISCO.com. The company is also available on Facebook and Twitter, at www.Facebook.com/Pages/Acisco-Inc-Office-Seating/120074144737378 and www.Twitter.com/AciscoFurniture, respectively.

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