Brick Cave Media Releases Groundbreaking Book Trailer for Short Story Series

Integrating film as a new technology to promote a series of e-books and print books based on Comics.

Mesa, AZ, August 04, 2011 --( Brick Cave Media today announced the immediate availability of the Trailer to promote the Stories of Haven. As a new trend in promoting printed works, Trailers are becoming an ever increasingly used tool. The use of new technologies is nothing new to BCM founder Bob Nelson. Says Bob, “I was using Internet Radio in 1999, e-books as far back as 1997, and we were selling MP3’s in 2006. This is just another extension of the groundbreaking work of using the internet to even the playing field between large and small organizations.”

The clip promotes The Stories of Haven, a short story series written by several authors but joined by the common thread of the city they live in, Haven. Originally published by Anthology, Inc. in Anthology magazine from 1994-1997, in 2009, the organization licensed the property to Brick Cave Media. “Think of them as comics, but written as Short Stories,” says Bob, “Each author can use characters created by other authors in their stories, putting them into whatever situation they want, without killing them. It makes for a tremendous writing challenge and even better reading.”

Brick Cave Media just released The Stories of Haven: I, chronicling many of the early stories of the series. It is available at Each story is also available as it’s own e-book as well, allowing people to discover the world of Haven at their own pace.

The trailer stars Brent Heffron (Sacrifice, Hell on the Border) as the character Reaper and Julie Pelletier as the character Medusa. Jason Palmer also appears as the character Eros/Cupid. Says Bob, “It’s a teaser. Hopefully, you’ll watch this and think that you want to learn about these characters, and seek them out. That’s what any good trailer should do.”

The trailer is available immediately at Brick Cave Media’s YouTube page, or at the website for Haven,

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