Electric Car Service Shop: The Forgotten Infrastructure, Service, Repair, Conversions, and Hybrid Upgrades

Dade City, FL, August 05, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Announcing an Electric Car Service Shop is preparing to open in our community. There, any brand of EV may be repaired or serviced and Gas or Diesel vehicles can be converted to Electric drive. Also Hybrids can be updated to "Plug-In" or longer "Electric Driving Range."

It will also be a Source of Conversion and Repair components including Motors, Motor to transmission adapters, Batteries, Controllers, Chargers, Battery management, and various small components. Many Custom Car and Hot Rod builders will be customers; serving that specialized or hobbyist market with scheduled Design and Building "EV" Seminars monthly.

The Service Center will have two (2) service bays, and a full staff is a total of seven full time employees. (In the Sixties a two bay shop with gasoline sales would have one to three employees, this shop will employ twice as many, with no Cigarette or grocery sales.) There will be a Manager/Trainer and six EV Techs. The Trainer will instruct the EV Techs using a semi-formal Apprentice-like program on the premises. (No schools in the South Eastern US are currently teaching EV repair.) There will be two "Shifts" daily for most efficient use of facilities. One bay will be set up for Service and EV Repairs. With two primarily service and repair techs, the other bay will be equipped for Conversions; with four EV Techs who will be able to perform "Full" EV conversions in less than a week. (That is up to 50 conversions annually). Four of the Techs will be trained Auto Mechanics, and the other two techs (mostly working on conversions) will have machinist or welding skills as these are needed to assemble some components and adapters must be fabricated to mount the motor to the transmission and also to mount the motor to the frame They will also build “Crash Resistant” battery “Boxes” for Hobby sales customers.

Quick Recharging Anywhere
A related business to the “EV Service and Repair Shop” is "Quick Recharging Anywhere." This is a new service, with specialized technological knowledge required. EV recharging in only 25 minutes at any location: home, work, or anywhere in range of their service fleet. (Perhaps they want to go to visit friends or family and haven't recharged their car; the van can recharge them anywhere for only a small and reasonable fee.) Also a "Solar panel on the roof of each van enhances the "Clean and Green" nature of the service. The solar panel will feature prominently in any advertising as a continuous source of electricity, recharging the supply pack inside the van all day long. For the driver who normally charges at work, the van can meet them on their days off to recharge their EV at their location. (Perhaps they live in a complex with no Charging Stations).

A part of the "Recharging Anywhere" business is Electric Vehicle "Emergency" Road Service, similar to that recently announced by "AAA" to provide a "Quick" partial recharge, (on the edge of the road) to drivers who fail to watch the "Charge Level Gauge" and discharge their battery; they will then be able to drive, after charging for 5 minutes, to a Standard Recharging Station for a full recharge.

Electric Car Service Shop
Dennis Lee Miles
1 863 944 9913