Canada's Wonderland Hosts Rapper Reema Major's Summer Bling; 08/23/2011

16 year old Reema Major of G7 Records is keeping summer live at one of Ontario's greatest attractions. Canada's Wonderland will host a day full of rides, performances and special guest appearances by Reema Major and company.

Toronto, Canada, August 05, 2011 --( Reema’s Summer Bling Brings More Summer Heat

While the fun and games stop when 16-year-old rapper Reema Major steps to the mic, Reema is ready to swing things in motion with Reema Major’s Summer Bling this summer at the legendary Canada’s Wonderland on August 23, 2011. The park will be hosting the event, which will kick off with non-stop fun, but the excitement definitely won’t end there. The crowd can expect the day to end with a number of live performances and special guest appearances by Reema and company. As she performs some of the latest singles from her "I Am Legend" mixtape, there is no telling what will go down on stage when the crowd is swayed by Reema’s lyrical edge and noteworthy charisma. Gain all-day access to the park and attractions by purchasing special single passes online for $31.86. Event details can be found at

Destined for Greatness

While some may say experience comes with age, real life experiences have allowed the self-acclaimed “Mother of the New School Era”—Reema Major, to be a product of experience rather than of age. Returning with her third mixtape "I Am Legend" following the release of "15 Going on 25," Reema is on the heights of becoming an industry major. After sparking chords with music mogul Gene Simmons, bassist and vocalist of legendary rock band KISS, one would believe Reema had reached her plateau. The attention of industry big names such as rapper Rick Ross, Randy Lennox President of Universal Music Canada, and Kwajo Cinqo of legendary Canadian hip-hop group Ghetto Concept, is just the beginning of the career of a girl who has received an overwhelming response from listeners and media.

“She’s fierce as a lyricist, often demonstrating a worldly insight beyond her tender years.” –

Raw Essence

For Reema, who is signed and supported by a team of lead industry giants in a rare record label joint venture with G7 Records Inc./Universal Music Canada and Cherry Tree/Interscope Records (2010), "I Am Legend" already has heads bobbing as Major’s dynamic sound and strong lyrical presence intertwine with the luminous beats laced on each track. All ears are mesmerized from start to finish since Reema holds no punches. Singles “Ghetto Kids” and “Father” uncover the authentic realities of the “Illest Kid,” whose experiences go beyond her age. Alongside being signed by President of G7 Records Kwajo “Cinqo” Boateng, Executive Producer of "I Am Legend" and member of legendary Canadian hip-hop group Ghetto Concept, Reema’s mixtape has definitely set center stage with all sixteen tracks skillfully crafted by the young lyricist.

“This Toronto female rapper, has been very consistent from when I first heard of her. Major’s flow is raw and her delivery is always on point.” –DJ Swiss


I Am Legend is now available online:

“Reema is a beast in the booth. A first take miracle, who executes with efficiency that many MCs brag about but few can deliver.” –HipHopCanada .com

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