Rabine Group to Install the First Tubular Solar Panel System in the Midwest

The Rabine Group will be starting the reconstruction of a sustainable roof at its Schaumburg headquarters, the first tubular, photovoltaic solar panel roof that fully integrates with white roof membranes

Schaumburg, IL, August 05, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The Rabine Group is excited to announce the start of a 3-phase roofing reconstruction process that will begin in September 2011 Led by Greg Gambla from Roofing Solutions America, Rob Bajarunas from Roofing Solutions, and Dale Shea from Rabine Paving. The company will be converting the roof at its headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois to a LEED certified sustainable roof and a roofing showroom for the Rabine Campus learning facility.

After in-depth research Rabine Group has decided to install a turnkey solar system with a white, reflective roofing membrane. According to Greg, “We met with several solar 'turnkey' integrators over the last seven months to find a solar panel system that would meet our building’s load and design criteria, while eliminating roof penetrations.”

He adds, “The Solyndra 70kW solar system was our final choice because of their new, unique design, lightweight components, and wind uplift capabilities. This system is actually one of the newest products available in the USA for photovoltaic installations. All in all, this reconstruction will save us up to 10% of energy usage annually and Dale is working with LEED consultants to maximize sustainability for our office building while obtaining LEED’s certification.”

There will be three phases of reconstruction: the white PVC roof construction (phase 1), the installation of tubular solar panels (phase 2), and the creation of a rooftop, roofing show room featuring the most innovative roofing solutions in the market (phase 3). This new, technology is the first to be installed in any facility in Midwest, and is part of the Rabine Campus project.

This reconstruction is the roofing component of the Rabine Group Campus showroom that aims to provide a facility for learning focused on pavement and roofing engineering and will be featuring samples of both traditional and innovative pavements and roof systems. The first part was completed in 2010 with the installation of Rabine Group’s parking lot featuring 14 types of pavements including Asphalt overlays at varying depths, UltraLot® Whitetopping, sustainable pervious concrete, porous asphalt, and decorative pavements.

To find out more about green roofing, solar integration and sustainable benefits or learn more about the Rabine Group companies and services, visit http://www.RabineGroup.com or call 888 RABINE3 (888-722-4633). Roofing Solutions America and Roofing Solutions are Rabine Group companies focused on national and local roofing services for commercial and industrial facilities.

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