Couch Oil and Gas Shares News on New Radial Nine Project in West Texas

Local Texas Company Couch Oil and Gas Shares New Company News.

Irving, TX, August 05, 2011 --( Couch Oil and Gas, the Irving, Texas-based Oil and Gas Exploration, Investment and Operations firm is pleased to announce that they have acquired proven undeveloped productive oil zones within existing oil fields in West Texas, specifically Northeast and Northwest of Abilene, Texas. Couch Oil and Gas plans to drill nine new horizontal oil and gas wells using the latest in radial jet drilling technology. The planned total production of these new wells, dubbed the “Radial Nine Well Program,” is expected to deliver 282 to 1,670 bopd (Barrels of Oil per Day) from all nine wells.

Couch Oil and Gas will drill and manage all Texas wells with their highly experienced in house staff and equipment. Employing existing staff and equipment will allow for low initial industry drilling costs and long term inexpensive maintenance of the wells. All projects are offered at turnkey pricing due to low operating costs and highly trained, experienced crews. With oil averaging $90 a barrel and above, the established project should reach payback in approximately 12 months. Total payback is estimated between 10 to 15 times over the initial investment. As the price of commodities rise, payback time will shorten.

Couch Oil’s goal is long term established production. For a full business synopsis on Couch Oil’s Radial Nine Well Project contact their home office at 877-539-0918 or visit at The synopsis includes background, technology, production plan, revenue projections, tax incentives, cost analysis and more.

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