Staging a Home Considerably Reduces the Days on Market

Homes that were staged by DaVinci Designer Gallery sell up to 4 times faster when compared to the average days on market.

Boston, MA, August 05, 2011 --( It is a known fact that home staging increases the value of a property, in some cases up to 20%, but an additional perk of home staging is the speed in which these home sell.

Realtor Bill Skerry, of RE/MAX Leading Edge, Newton, MA couldn’t agree more. “I’ve been using DaVinci Designer Gallery’s staging services for 7+ years. I feel like it is Christmas every time I walk into a home staged by DDG. The transformations are astounding, it’s like magic. And the biggest present is a quick sale for the best price!

Maureen Reddy, owner of DaVinci Designer Gallery has been providing staging services for over 15 years. She explains “Time is money and home staging produces speedy sales. In a market where we are seeing many “necessity sales,” elderly parents needing to sell, relocation, and families downsizing, time is of the essence and a quick turn around is essential. Home staging ensures that the property will not languish on the market, but will present itself well and sell fast.”

In locations around Boston, MA, properties recently staged by DaVinci Designer Gallery enjoyed profitable sales in record time:

Location Average D.O.M. Staged D.O.M.

Brookline….. 114 45

Newton 67 1

Roslindale 57 27

Brighton 112 21

“Home staging is a win, win, win situation,” concludes Skerry “ the properties look their very best for buyers, and the sale is quick and lucrative for Realtors and homeowners. The time that is saved by staging, allows me to focus on my next sale.”

DaVinci Designer Gallery
Maureen Reddy