New Application Every Business Person Needs to Have

Samztech, an emerging business solutions enterprise, has just launched a revolutionary i-phone application specifically designed to simplify complex equations while providing sound financial data. This easy-to-use application brings a whole new dimension to your arsenal of i-phone applications by quickly and accurately calculating the parameters of any business venture.

New York, NY, August 05, 2011 --( The Total Business Calculator allows a business owner to convert the cost of their bulk wholesale purchases to their added value packaged products in any denomination or form. The calculator takes into account freight, the package, and the cost of packaging. The app calculates profit and profit margin as a dollar and percentage value. The TBC is intuitively designed to rapidly breakdown your bottom line earnings and profits.

Raising the bar in business calculations, the TBC is the only application able to bridge the gap between your product's lifecycle and its selling price – separating it leaps and bounds from the traditional simple profit margin calculator.

“We at Samztech are thrilled to provide our users this simple, effective, error-free tool which allows for full capitalization of relevant applicable technology,” says Samztech President Samuel Zeifman. “Our economy's fast-paced nature is becoming more demanding, and the Total Business Calculator ensures every business keeps stride.”

Covering every aspect of the supply chain, the TBC gives users the privilege of inputting their buying price, unit, quantity, and freight, while taking into account the cost of packaging, the package, selling units, and the selling price to effortlessly calculate ones total revenue, profit, and margins.

Protect yourself against unprofitable business ventures and never miss out on a lucrative opportunity, by utilizing the powers of the Total Business Calculator.

Sam Zeifman