End War 2: Discover Magazine-Fed Tactical Paintball

San Jose, CA, August 05, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Operation: End War 2 is the hottest scenario game coming your way this fall and the perfect opportunity to discover magazine-fed tactical paintball. In the name of hyper-realistic tactical simulation, Real Action Paintball and Viper Paintball have teamed up to bring you the second installment in the vaunted Operation: End War saga. By popular demand, all players will use magazine-fed paintball markers - ones they own, or ones they rent for free.

Event: Operation: End War 2
Date: October 1-2
Location: TAG Paintball, Hollister, CA

With twenty shots per magazine, and no hopper in the way of your field of vision (or there to ruin the mil-sim aesthetic of hyper-realistic markers), magazine-fed markers are taking the scenario world by storm. Players at Operation: End War will have four options for playing with mag-fed markers: bring your own, rent a T68 Gen7 and three magazines for free with paid entry, buy a Tacamo replacement mag-fed body for your scenario marker for 50% off, or buy a T68 Gen7 kit for 50% off.

With fully adjustable sights, easily interchangeable magazines, loads of mil-spec Weaver rail attachment points and the true ergonomics and heft of the real deal, RAP4's T68 mag-fed markers offer unparalleled authenticity in your hands and at your field. For players who love their Tippmann, US Army, and other dedicated scenario markers, Tacamo offers replacement bodies that rely on the internal parts of your trusted marker while offering redesigned ergonomics to perfectly mimic real steel and accept detachable RAP4 magazines.

Every player at Operation: End War 2 will carry magazine-fed markers, creating a true tactical simulation that's as real as it gets. Just as real steel has limited capacity and relies on interchangeable magazines, and real soldiers and Marines rely on marksmanship, teamwork, and solid tactics, so too will you match wits head-to-head with evenly matched, hyper-realistic gear.

Viper Paintball will help you get fully immersed in the storyline, as Viper uses his proprietary scenario scoring program and format to assign objectives that truly matter within a thrilling storyline. Role players, special missions, critical props and realistic firepower will combine in the most authentic tactical game in paintball.

For more information on this amazing game, visit: http://www.operationendwar.com
For more information on Viper's RTS, visit: http://www.viperpaintball.com
For more information on the field, visit: http://www.tag-paintball.com
For more information on mag-fed markers, visit: http://www.rap4.com
View 2010 End War video: http://operationendwar.com/videos-and-photos
Register for 2011 End War: http://operationendwar.com/game-registration

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Pete Rauholt