CouryGraph Productions Walks Off with a Telly Award for the News Video "Grand Avenue Underpass Dedication"

Glendale, AZ, March 30, 2007 --( Ed Sharpe and CouryGraph Productions was the proud recipient of a Bronze Telly for a 20-minute video produced for KKAT-TV/ Glendale Daily Planet. The Telly Awards are the industry's premier competition for peer recognition of outstanding video and film productions for cable and emerging media.

"Grand Avenue Underpass Dedication" was honored in the "News" category for its outstanding production quality by a distinguished panel of judges representing industry professionals from around the country.

The video was created to inform citizens of Glendale Arizona of the news, but also to serve as a historical document that can be referred back to in years to come.

With the upgrade of this intersection no longer will residents have to endure the long wait at 59th, Glendale and Grand Avenues... with the under-grounding of Grand Avenue this has become a thing of the past!

Participating in the re-opening of Grand Avenue in the downtown Glendale core were:

Arizona Department of Transportation Director Victor Mendez, Governor Janet Napolitano, Glendale Mayor Elaine Scruggs and Councilmember David Goulett. Vice Mayor Tom Eggleston, Councilmember Joyce Clarke, Councilmember Steven Frate and Councilmember Manny Martinez.

"Grand Avenue Underpass Dedication" included many interviews with area merchants, council members and Glendale office of tourism personal to get their perspective on the transportation improvements.

Grand Avenue Construction Fast Facts

Nearly 113,000 cubic yards of earth were excavated and removed from the site. That's enough dirt to cover an entire football field nearly 60 feet deep.

The project used 11,500 square yards of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement – more than enough to pave two whole football fields.

More than 15,350 square yards of concrete sidewalk and driveways were poured – nearly enough concrete to pave three football fields.

In addition to the concrete pavement, more than 26,600 tons of asphalt was poured.

The new pavement was overlaid with 1,200 tons of rubberized asphalt. (For more information about rubberized asphalt, see

More than 17,000 linear feet (3.2 miles) of pipe was laid.

Nearly 13,000 linear feet (almost 2.5 miles) of concrete curb and gutter was installed.

More than 7,697 feet (nearly 1.5 miles) of concrete safety barrier was installed.

55,580 square feet of retaining walls were built.

52 manholes were replaced.

Landscapers will plant 175 palm trees and more than 1,000 shrubs.

This video was also the recipient of two 2006 Aegis Awards for CouryGraph Productions. "Grand Avenue Underpass Dedication" was recognized for its outstanding production quality in the categories of "Television news" and "Event" videos.

A copy of this video will be placed on file with the city of Glendale Arizona and also the Glendale Historical Society. Glendale Daily Planet distributes the program at no charge 24/7 over the Internet at

"We knew that the finished video met all of our expectations, but winning an Aegis Award just confirms it," said The Chief, editor of the Glendale Daily Planet / KKAT-Ineternet Streaming TV. "We've worked with CouryGraph many times over the last few years and have always been impressed with their creativity and professionalism."

The video, which was written and directed by Ed Sharpe, includes the dedication ceremony and many interviews with area merchants, council members and Glendale office of tourism personal to get their perspective on the transportation improvements. "I'm thrilled with the award. It's wonderful the production has received this recognition," said Ed Sharpe, Director of CouryGraph Productions. "I think the award is reflective of our staff's excellence." In addition, Sharpe wanted to thank the Glendale Star, Glendale 11 and Matilda’s Vintage Closet for contributing imagery for the production and he expresses gratitude to those that provided interviews.

Founded in 2004, CouryGraph Productions specializes in video, film, and interactive media, serving the needs of many Metro Valley-of-the-Sun online news sources, cable channels, businesses and institutions.

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