PublishAmerica Presents Reflections on the Lusitania by John Protasio

Frederick, MD, March 30, 2007 --( PublishAmerica is proud to present Reflections on the Lusitania: Insights into Naval, Diplomatic, and other Aspects of the Disaster by John Protasio of Stow, Ohio.

Without question or doubt the most controversial sinking during World War I is that of the Lusitania. Over 1,000 people were lost in this disaster, a number of them from the then neutral United States. Many questions in the wake of this torpedoing rage to this day. Was the liner armed? Was she carrying contraband? What was the cause of the second explosion? Was the liner deliberately allowed to be sunk in order to draw the United States into the war? Was there more than one torpedo fired at the ship?

This book addresses these puzzles and many others. It traces the last voyage of the liner as her captain ignores radio warnings of a submarine, the shambles of the lowering of the lifeboats, and the horror the people aboard faced during the eighteen minutes of the sinking. Also, this book considers the diplomatic repercussions of the sinking and how it influenced America’s entry into the war, and sheds light on one of the most emotionally charged incidents of the First World War.

John Protasio was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, graduated form Lycoming College with a B.A. in history, and from Arkansas State University with a M.A. in history. John moved to Ohio, where he graduated from Wooster Business College with a diploma in word processing. Currently, he works for Coleman Data Solutions. He has written a book, To the Bottom of the Sea, about shipwrecks, including the Lusitania. Some of his work has appeared in such forums as Sea Classics, Military History, and Naval History.

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