People of the E-Book? Jewish E-Books CEO Takes a Leap of Faith Into the World of iPads and Nooks.

New York, NY, August 06, 2011 --( There’s a new kid on the bookshelf these days: the e-book. And now, with the first-of-its-kind groundbreaking launch of, Jewish readers or anyone looking for Jewish books worldwide can become part of the e-book revolution.

Premiered in 2010 by lecturer-turned-entrepreneur Yossi Levy, Jewish E-Books boasts the world’s largest Jewish digital library, featuring hundreds of popular Jewish books by leading publishers in both Hebrew and English, with more languages to come.

A former inspirational speaker who was recently profiled in Forbes Magazine’s Hebrew edition, CEO Levy had a dream. Diving into an exploding e-reading market, he aimed to provide Jews and non-Jews even in far-flung locations with an instant smorgasbord of Jewish books at their fingertips. To make that happen he’s launched with Adobe’s DRM and EPub, ensuring that Jewish E-Book readers could enjoy any of the most popular devices: iPads, iPhones, iPods, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo, Alex, as well as PC’s, laptops, and more.

Levy’s aggressive marketing strategy aims to reach the Jewish market and beyond. With the launching of its dynamic social networking campaign on Facebook and other vehicles, Jewish E-Books will offer free Jewish E-Books, exciting contests with iPad giveaways, and much more.

But Jewish E-Books is not just about books. The e-book innovator is building a Jewish superstore, and will soon offer customers eReaders, eReader accessories, laptop accessories and more. “Our customers are savvy,” he says. “They want a one-stop shopping experience; we’ll give it to them: competitively priced Jewish E-Books, the latest devices, and everything they need to build their Jewish digital library.”

Today’s technology is breaking through borders and defying distance—and Jewish E-Books is embracing it. Taking the best that technology has to offer, indefatigable CEO and visionary Yossi Levi is determined to fulfill his mission: making Jewish texts, inspiration and education accessible to every Jew and non-Jew throughout the world.

Jewish E-Books
Allison Fried