Invest in a Good Quality Aluminium Ladder, Says Browns Ladders

National ladder company, Browns Ladders, is advising homeowners not to sacrifice quality in favour of price to ensure safety in the home.

Burnley, United Kingdom, August 06, 2011 --( Burnley-based Browns Ladders is advising homwowners to invest in good quality aluminium ladders in order to ensure safety in the home.

If you assume that investing in an aluminium ladder is a simple task, it says, you are unaware of the many different types of ladder materials available in the marketplace.

The Health and Safety Executive explicitly says that you should use a suitable ladder for the task at hand.

This means choosing the right height, material and strength.

A 30-foot extension ladder would be completely inappropriate for changing a light bulb in a normal domestic property.

Equally, a three-rung step ladder will not cut be sufficient to cutting tree branches outside.

Unless you are working with electricity, aluminium ladders are usually the best option.

This is because they are the strongest type and are also super light.

In addition, aluminium is a non-rust material and requires very low maintenance.

Before using your aluminium step ladders, make sure the non skid is attached to the steps, the steps are not bent and that the feet are not spread further than they were when new.

Never stand on the top two rungs – this could cause overbalancing.

Aluminium ladders come in many different designs, including extension, folding and telescopic.

For practical use around the home, use step ladders.

To ensure safety, there are some simple rules: Put non skid pads on each leg of the ladder to prevent sliding, ensure the rungs are at least four inches wide to prevent muscle injuries, check the locking device is durable and have a look to see if the ladder can withstand 200 lbs.

Do not sacrifice the quality of your ladders for price. They will last longer and be significantly safer.

Browns Ladders works in conjunction with the HSE.

By providing on-site ladder inspections nationwide, plus Ladders & Scaffold Training courses, Browns Ladders will ensure your company complies with the current Work at Height regulations.

Brown Ladders offers full Trading Accounts for a variety of public organisations including the Emergency Services, both NHS and private health, local authorities, schools, councils, universities and colleges.

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