CoSort V9 Ships – Simultaneously Transforms, Reports, Protects Data

The CoSort Company announces the release of its New Platform for High Volume Data Manipulation and Management

Melbourne, FL, March 30, 2007 --( Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc. today announced the release of CoSort Version 9 for Unix, Linux and Windows servers.

Major upgrades to CoSort make Version 9 a single-pass platform for manipulating and managing large volumes of data, and a suite of solutions for: data transformation, reporting, security, conversion, governance; and, for speeding and testing applications.

New Features in CoSort Version 9 Include:

1.      Auditable Field-Level Protections for Compliance and Outsourcing
2.      Up to 50% Improvement in High-Volume Sort Performance
3.      Multi-File Joins and Dimensional Lookups
4.      Multi-Byte (Asian) Character Collation and Conversion
5.      Flat XML, LDIF, I-SAM and Other File Format Translations
6.      Custom Field Functions (e.g. Data Cleansing)
7.      Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions (PCRE)
8.      Safe Test Data Generation in Real File/Report Formats
9.      Dashboard Option for Business Intelligence

Version 9 users can exploit CoSort’s main interface – SortCL – to re-host legacy sorts and data, and to replace less efficient methods of flat-file data processing (e.g. filters, transforms), presentation (reporting), protection (e.g. encryption, de-identification), and prototyping. SortCL can run all these functions, including most features listed above, in one pass. Also available are sort plug-ins and thread-safe API calls for other software.

According to IRI’s Business Development VP David Friedland, “CoSort 9 optimizes job design efficiency and production performance, while adding targeted security for data at risk.” CoSort’s SortCL tool is unique in that it can combine many massive files and critical actions in one clear, auditable job script. “CoSort users have always saved time and money getting more done in one place, product, and (I/O) pass. Now they can also protect sensitive fields – like social security and credit card numbers – that are in files at rest or in motion, at the same time.”

Details are available in the Solution and Product areas of the web site, and in collateral literature and white papers available from the company. Additional one-page press releases – detailing the above nine innovations in, and industry benefits from, CoSort V9-related offerings  – will follow throughout the second quarter of 2007.

About CoSort / IRI, Inc.
Innovative Routines International (IRI), Inc., The CoSort Company, was founded in 1978. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, IRI is now represented in more than 30 international locations. A pioneer in open systems software, IRI has grown steadily since its inception by helping IT professionals perform or accelerate: legacy migrations, data warehouse ETL, DB reorgs, privacy compliance, and new software applications.

Innovatives Routines International
Eryck Dzotsi, Marketing Manager