The Biggest Fears About Aging

“What is your biggest fear as you age?” That is the question Senior market specialist Bonnie Joffe confronts head-on in the final segment of her three-part series on “Seniors in Crisis."

Cherry Hill, NJ, August 06, 2011 --( “What is your biggest fear as you age?” That is the question Senior Market Specialist Bonnie Joffe, founder of, confronts head-on in the final segment of a three-part series on “Seniors in Crisis,” released today.

The “Seniors in Crisis” series addresses a number of complex issues faced by countless Seniors. In this third and final segment in the series, Joffe draws from the experiences of a very real family facing the very real fears that come with caring for an aging loved one.

“People are only recently becoming aware of the astronomical financial and emotional tolls of caring for an aging loved one– particularly one with serious health issues,” says Joffe. “On top of having to watch the physical and/or mental decline of someone you love, the onslaught of increasing financial responsibilities can destroy the security you’ve worked a lifetime to build.”

In Part 3 of “Seniors in Crisis,” Joffe talks about a family struggling with an aging wife and mother diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and dementia. The ever-increasing expenses for her care run an average of $15,000- $20,000 per month. Costs like this – and even higher in some instances - can lay waste to a lifetime of savings in the course of a few short years.

And the number of devastated seniors and families will continue to rise. Today, there are 40 million Seniors age 65+ in this country. Of the 78 million Baby Boomers, 10,000 are turning 65 every day and will for the next 19 years. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration of Aging, the population age 65 and over will increase to 55 million by the year 2020 and have an additional life expectancy, on average, of 18.5 years.

With any luck, those years will be relatively healthy ones. If not, hopefully you have prepared for the possibilities.

“Nothing is simple about getting older,” says Joffe, “and the impact of being unprepared can be emotionally and financially devastating for the entire family. My goal with the “Seniors In Crisis” series is to create awareness and to let people know that, regardless of their fears, they are not alone. There is help out there.”

Bonnie Joffe, a South Jersey resident, juggles work, aging parents and a busy household, all while running a growing business. A dynamic, engaging speaker and authority on the Senior market, she is passionate about helping Baby Boomers to navigate the challenging midlife years with confidence, grace and happiness.

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Christina Daniels