I Love Dahab – A New Web Portal with Holiday Prizes Made by Dahab’s Passionate Community

The community of this resort town in Sinai decided to share their passion and make a new online web portal called I Love Dahab to share this love with the world.

Dahab, Sinai, Egypt, March 30, 2007 --(PR.com)-- ILoveDahab.com is a new web portal was started from a passion for this beautiful sea side resort in Dahab and the need to revive the community and visitor numbers following the sad events in April 2006. A small group of people decided that something positive needed to be done to return confidence to the town. The web site is currently a not for profit venture and covers some its running costs by some small Google ads and by contributions from a few of dahabs small businesses. Most of the work being done by the team is voluntary currently done out love for Dahab.

What is so special about I Love Dahab is that it is an online community, contributions are largely by the community or by visitors to Dahab. It features easy ways to upload pictures and videos and provides entertainment, a new Dahab pages mapper and information about Dahab. The newest developments to the site include the Dahab 1 million hits competition which offers users the chances to win prizes ranging from accommodation, to dives, safaris and much more. The one millionth user will be winning a brilliant holiday package that includes everything from accommodation to meals, activities and more. Most of the prizes are being donated by local businesses as part of this drive for promoting Dahab.

In February the web site received over 17,000 unique users, this is a brilliant achievement. It is becoming an important online portal for all new visitors to Dahab and for those who have visited before and are missing the town. With webcams placed in certain parts of town - one in Assalah with lovely view and now watch a new house on the beach being built over the next few months, and a new one just gone live in the German bakery at Alf Leila’s Oriental Hotel, and more web cams are being planned in the next few months so you can watch the resort on line and the changes taking place.

Dahab has been known for a long time as the ‘Goa of Egypt or the Koh Samui of the Red Sea’ due to its relaxing atmosphere and friendly locals. The town is nestled between the red sea and the rugged mountains of Sinai. It was originally a Bedouin village and has now grown to become a multi cultural home to many expatriates from all over the world and Egyptians who have decided to work or settle here. It is this love of natural landscapes, lots of sunshine and cultural mix that makes this town so special in Sinai and everyone that visits leaves with fond memories and a love of Dahab.

This love is strongest in Dahabs community and this is why the new website is sure to be a hit. The site is the brain child of Christian Muller from Bad Woerishofen Germany, expert coder and new media developer. Chris has lived in Dahab for over 4 years and started making the website in May 2006. “Friends of Dahab, previous visitors and ex Dahabitants feel free to join our online love sharing venture” says Christian. The second part of the team is Klaus Altersberger from Munich Germany, Dive Instructor and one of Dahabs most innovative thinkers “I love Dahab because the energy of Sinai is still in this beautiful place ... and my target for I Love Dahab is to bring the strong community of the Dahab People and the Dahab Lovers closer together and spread the good spirit all over the world ...” says Klaus.

The team is starting to grow with Nicole Simpkins, English and Mohammed Shinawy, Egyptian who are partners in a Dahab small business called Spirit of Dahab. Shinawy has been visiting Dahab since 1984 and moved here in 2001, he started saying “I love dahab” over 20 years ago. They both work closely with Dahabs Bedouin Community and are now part of the team helping to promote and support this excellent venture. “What I Love Dahab is about is sharing our love of Dahab, fun, events and local information in Sinai’s most interesting and diverse resort town” says Nicole.

The web site is growing daily in users, daily the new members and hit statistics are showing excellent growth. Many members of the local community are now involved and actively post in the sites forum pages and so this really is a growing online community web portal. The team is now looking for interested sponsors, small or corporate, global supporters, link exchangers and more to help them with new projects they have planned for the web site, and for Dahabs community projects to help them support this exciting growth and innovative approach to resort marketing.

So with this interesting mix of cultures, history and passion all packed into an entertaining web site, its time to take a look at I Love Dahab http://www.ilovedahab.com you never know you might win a holiday or you might fall in love… with Dahab!

Chris, Klaus and Nicole can be contacted via email info@ilovedahab.com

I Love Dahab
Nicole Simpkins