DEL Ozone Supports Medicare Medicaid Funding for Long Term Care

Funding for long term care under Medicare and Medicaid is under threat. DEL Ozone supports the Alliance and AHCA's push for fair funding for these programs. In addition, DEL offers the DEL Clean Ozone Laundry Program with guaranteed savings to help long term care administrators cut costs to be able to continue providing their vital services.

San Luis Obispo, CA, August 06, 2011 --( DEL Ozone, the creator of the DEL Clean Ozone Laundry Program, announces its support of the efforts of the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care to maintain and improve the quality of care in the nation’s nursing homes and assisted care facilities.

The Alliance was established by some of the largest and most progressive long term care providers in the United States to develop and support a continuous quality improvement program, signified by each member signing the Quality First Pledge. This industry-led program includes the development, dissemination and measurement of best practice standards, with the resulting outcomes summarized annually in a quality report that is open to public scrutiny (download a PDF of the 2010 report).

The mission of the Alliance – and of every long term care provider – is currently under stress due to federal and state government fiscal deficits that threaten funding for Medicare and Medicaid. Unlike ordinary health care, chronic and rehabilitative long term care providers receive about 70% of their funding by serving Medicare and Medicaid recipients. These hands-on services are provided by an army of caregivers at thousands of locations across the country, making the long term care industry as a whole one of the nation’s largest employers.

Consequently, preserving funding for Medicare and Medicaid has become a central issue for the Alliance and its partners like DEL Ozone. Members of the Alliance understand the need for the government to get spending under control, but argue it should not be at the expense of the elderly and disabled, or of the thousands of caregivers who provide services to them. Long term care providers are major employers in most markets.

John Grillo, the DEL Ozone VP of Ozone Laundry, comments that “DEL is committed to supporting the good work of the Alliance directly, and also through our commitment to product excellence that results in our ozone laundry systems delivering proven cost savings to providers.”

About DEL
Established in 1975, DEL Ozone defined the standards for ozone sanitation in zoos and aquariums, pioneered ozone applications in swimming pools and introduced ozone to the spa industry. DEL offers complete product lines for industrial, aquatics and food safety applications. Consulting with state health department agencies since 1986, DEL also maintains a close working relationship with USEPA, CDC, FDA, USDA and NSF. With a dedication to the green movement for more than 30 years, DEL proudly offers environmentally friendly products and promotes a global reduction in chemical use.

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