Cyclists and Triathletes in Australia Can Now Train with the Ciclomulino

Sydney’s top cycling trainer has brought the revolutionary performance testing and training tool over from Italy: The Ciclomulino. A “resistance aerodynamic cyclo ergometer,” the Ciclomulino is set to excite cyclists, triathletes and fitness fans alike.

Sydney, Australia, August 07, 2011 --( Fabio Petró, the owner of Your Cycling Trainer in Sydney’s Wollstonecraft and a former semi-professional master cyclist from Italy, has, for the first time, introduced The Ciclomulino to the Australian cycling community.

The Ciclomulino is a resistance aerodynamic cyclo ergometer, and is commonly used by professional and semi-professional cyclists, runners and triathletes to develop peak performance. Developed in the 1990s, it has now become a professional and precise tool for evaluation tests and to develop tailored training programs.

“The initial fitness test lasts 1 hour and assess the individual’s fitness and power levels,” explains Mr. Petró. “The Ciclomulino is attached to the bicycle of the person being tested and after the exercise we measure the level of lactic acid, heart rate frequency, aerobic and power thresholds and much more.”

The information is recorded in real-time and data is captured in the form of reports and graphs. On the basis of the evaluation test results and goals, a personalised 3-month training program is developed, which includes ongoing support from Fabio and the Your Cycling Trainer team.

“As people’s performance improves, I recommend repeating the test every three months to re-new the training program and get the best performance results,” Mr. Petró says. “You will improve your aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, train within your heart rate intensity zones, and build up your strength and resistance.”

With the machine being highly portable, Mr. Petró holds regular evaluations at a number of popular bike-shops around Sydney and can even visit individual training locations or homes.

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