Build Your Own Website: The New E-Trend

It used to be too big and too technical for business owners to tackle. So they hired professional website designers. But that's changing.

Austin, TX, March 30, 2007 --( With the growing need for small businesses to have an online presence, there is a new trend emerging: non-technical people building their own sites. Using free, step-by-step instruction sites like, they are up and running quickly and easily.

Why is everyone in a rush to get online?

- Shop owners know they can expand their customer base from local to global.

- Professionals are learning that an online presence confirms credibility. Even if there is no "shopping cart" involved, a website can make available information about the business that will further public trust. A law practice, for instance, can bring in more clients with a website that lets the public "see" the attorneys, learn about their backgrounds and specialties, and read about the history of the firm.

- A website can offer testimonials, list memberships in professional organizations, put up a Better Business Bureau logo if appropriate, make contact information available, even publish samples of contracts or offer samples of products.

- With a site, a business owner can offer "opt-in's" to the public, such as newsletters or "weekly tips." This is a perfect way to remind people to come back to the site - it creates customer familiarity and loyalty.

- Nothing captures a potential customer's attention more than photographs and graphics. A website lets the public see products, animations showing how a product works, flash animations that grab viewers' attention, slideshows, portraits of company executives, color samples for fabrics, "movies" showing the business in action - the list is endless.

- Building your own website means you can change it often to keep up with your changing business information.

It's not only possible for the "lay" person to build their own website, it's almost essential.

Where do you start?

The question is, though - how do come up with an organized plan? How do you know what to buy and what you can get for free? What's the difference between a template and a theme? What works best, a blog-oriented site or a dedicated site? What software do you need? What is an "upload" and how is that done? How do you find your way through domain name registration services, hosting services, and downloadable software?

There are books available, and there are also websites you can go to - some for free, some by subscription - to learn just these things.

One site that takes the business owner through the entire process, step by step, is Website-DoItYourself. A complete and comprehensive tool to get small business owners online, is free. The author, John Burch, is both a 3D animator and an engineer. His goal with Website-DoItYourself is to provide individuals with each resource and each piece of information they need - from locking in a domain name through search engine optimization.

Why provide this detailed information for free? "I've built so many sites," Burch explains, "that putting up a guide for others was just the next logical step. There's a huge community of technical people out there who have donated their time for free; there are programs and software that are free or inexpensive. I respect what they are doing. I want to be part of that."

Website-DoItYourself is designed for novice to intermediate-level computer users. You can find it at

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