Buying On-line 100% Safe and Secure with Carreg

Website security is a major problem today, Carreg are so positive that they have a 100% safe and secure website that they are willing to offer a full money back guarantee in the unlikely event that an issue occurs, even if it is beyond the companies control.

London, United Kingdom, March 30, 2007 --( Buying anything on-line or over the telephone is used to make everyone think twice about giving over their credit card details, Carreg have taken this in hand and developed a safe and secure way to buy on-line, simply because there were so many stories of fraud and theft going around the Internet and on news programmes, Carreg take their customers security very seriously and why they have introduce a website security system that makes buying number plates on-line 100% safe and secure.

By shopping on-line customers are able to access the Carreg database, complete as many searches as they need in order to find the number plate to suit the lifestyle or business requirements of the individual customer, if nothing suitable is found there is an option of using the new REG FINDER system which will match a customers requirement to a number plate that is put onto the database by another customer who is selling a number plate. By using the website customers are able to use all of the facilities 24/7 with no time constraints at all, and from a security point of view, it is much more secure buying a number plate through a secure website than it is using the telephone to buy something, this is because when using a website the customers details are held on a secure server, but when buying over the phone the credit card details are passed over the phone line and from there they can end up anywhere. Carreg take their customers security very seriously indeed and in order for customers to fully trust then to provide the service that is required, they are members of ALL of the following Governing bodies: MIRAD - Member Of The Institute Of Registration Agents & Dealers, The C.N.D.A - Cherished Number Dealers Association, R.M.I.F - Retail Motor Industry Federation, The R.N.C - The Registration numbers Club, and The F.S.B - The Federation of Small Business. Some Private Number Plate dealers are not members of any Governing body & offer NO security, Carreg are members of ALL Governing bodies possible, which is why they are 100% safe & secure.

Carreg are so concerned with customer security, that they are willing to provide a unique customer guarantee, if in the unlikely event that something should go wrong with the on-line purchase of a number plate, even if this event is beyond the companies control, they offer the customer a full money back guarantee, that is how sure they are that the system Carreg has installed on their website is totally safe and totally secure.

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