Atlanta Skydiving Center Lifts Community Spirit

Atlanta Skydiving Center sponsors fun Punkin’ Chunkin’ for the community.

Atlanta, GA, October 11, 2005 --( Atlanta Skydiving Center is sponsoring Punkin’ Chunkin’, an entertaining event designed to lift community spirits. 

On October 29 and 30, the public is invited to enjoy the most interesting bull’s eye event they are likely to ever experience. It is Atlanta Skydiving Center’s Punkin’ Chunkin’. Just minutes from Atlanta, pumpkins will be diving from a plane at Cedartown, Georgia’s airport. 

Hordes of spectators and those doing the chunkin’ are expected to enjoy the festive event. And, for just $25, anyone can chunk the Great Pumpkin! Atlanta Skydiving Center will arm people with pumpkins and fly them high in the sky! There, they will launch their pumpkins at the huge bull’s eye painted on the ground. And the contestant whose pumpkin splatters nearest the bull’s eye wins a cash prize.

John Melrose of Atlanta Skydiving Center says, “Everyone will have a great time at Punkin’ Chunkin’ where watching will be as much fun as participating. And, considering this year’s natural disasters and high gas prices, Atlanta Skydiving Center is especially glad to be able to share this fun, uplifting event with the public.” 

For more information about Punkin’ Chunkin’, contact Jackie Clinton at (770) 684-3483, or visit Atlanta Skydiving Center at

Kirk Thompson