Gem Hsin's High Capacity 5000mAh USB Battery Pack for Hours of Mobile Power and Light on the go

Gem Hsin's special voltage regulator circuit design also protects users' precious electronic gadgets from damage. As well as safe customers, Tourmaline 5000 keeps them happy with years of trouble free use from up to 600 full charge and discharge cycles.

Taipei, Taiwan, August 10, 2011 --( Gem Hsin, master of cool design and creative products, has launched the new Tourmaline Series USB battery pack for mobile charging and Gem Hsin's own Topaz series of lightweight portable USB lamps.

The slim and light Tourmaline 5000 connects directly to most mobile phones and other portable devices to keep them running for hours or days, even if their own puny batteries are exhausted. Its huge 5000mAh capacity provides close to four times the power capacity of the standard battery in an iPhone. It provides up to 72 hours of power for products like Gem Hsin's own Topaz USB-powered desk lamps. Even though it provides hours of power, it's light, compact and very, very portable – the Tourmaline 5000 slips into a pocket and weighs no more than the latest mobile phones.

The Tourmaline 5000 not only provides instant power anytime, anywhere, but it even rapidly recharges mobile products own internal batteries while it powers them. The two standard 5V USB output sockets can power and recharge iPhones, iPads, HTC Android phones, Samsung's Galaxy, and most Nokia models. In fact, it powers all phones and portable computing devices that are able to plug into a standard 5V USB power socket for charging.

The sleek and stylish Tourmaline battery pack reinforces Gem Hsin's reputation for chic, innovative design that perfectly complements the newest electronic gadgets and brings a touch of class to any environment. Tourmaline itself is easily and quickly recharged via either of two power input sockets: a standard mini USB connection for connection to all PCs and USB chargers, or a DC input jack. Meanwhile, slim but strong Tourmaline even has the muscle to power and recharge two devices at the same time with its twin USB power outputs.

With customer safety in mind, Gem Hsin pays special attention to battery stability and security. The lower-quality Lithium-ion batteries commonly found in competing products may overheat, bulge, or even explode under heavy use. But Tourmaline's Lithium-polymer battery technology is far more secure, with the best, safest high temperature performance modern science can offer.

Product Specifications
*Model – Tourmaline - 5000
*Power Capacity - Genuine 5000mAh
*Input (USB Power) – USB Mini Type B, DC 5V 500mA max
*Input (DC Power Jack) – DC 5V 1A
*Output – 2x standard USB Type A, DC 5V 1A
*Dimensions – 62 × 84 × 25 mm
*Weight – 153g
*Usable Temperature – 0 to 40 ° C
*Battery Technology – Embedded 5000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery

About Gem Hsin Electronics Co. Ltd.
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