Patented Breakthrough's in LED Technology Increase Beam Angle Range and Uniformity of Light

Gem Hsin Electronics is excited to announce new advances in their research and development of LED lighting products that enable wider beam angles than competitors and unparallelled uniformity of light. - November 11, 2011

Gem Hsin's New Albite Series of LED Lamps Feature Even Illumination, Attractive Design and Energy Savings

Gem Hsin, master of cool design and creative products, has launched the new Albite LED Home Lighting Series, featuring a floor lamp, wall lamp and ceiling lamp: albite.stand, albite.line and, respectively. With the new Albite series, Gem Hsin is introducing an innovative new concept in... - September 21, 2011

Gem Hsin's High Capacity 5000mAh USB Battery Pack for Hours of Mobile Power and Light on the go

Gem Hsin's special voltage regulator circuit design also protects users' precious electronic gadgets from damage. As well as safe customers, Tourmaline 5000 keeps them happy with years of trouble free use from up to 600 full charge and discharge cycles. - August 10, 2011

Gem Hsin's Topaz Series of 2W LED Desk Lamps Turning Heads

USB Powered Desk Lamps with Three Brightness Levels. - July 09, 2011

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