iSOCO Develops Virtual Sales Assistant with Semantic Technology to Improve Online Shopping Process

The tool enables better interaction with customers as it is capable of understanding complex questions from users of the online retail outlet and providing a quicker and more specific response to requests.

Barcelona, Spain, August 11, 2011 --( With the same friendliness and attentiveness of a conventional shop assistant, but with no opening hours and without the user having to travel to the outlet. This is the convenient and agreeable shopping experience provided for any product by the innovative virtual shop assistant developed by iSOCO. The international ICT company has integrated all the research on semantic technology and natural language processing of the last ten years into this product.

An example of this unique shop assistant has been implemented at the online retail outlet of the Spanish illustration, clothing and accessories company, Kukuxumusu ( Since the brand's likeable sales representative, inspired by the company mascot, the bull Mr Testis, has attended to requests and queries from customers, the company has increased its knowledge of customers to detect new business opportunities.

The virtual shop assistant also incorporates a statistics model which collects very useful data for the brand, like the number of requests made, the most popular product and even the details of the 'conversation' with the customer. The possibility of interacting with the search tool using a more intuitive, more human language, has a positive impact on the user's browsing experience.

"For some time we had been looking for a solution that would improve our online shop and enable us to provide a better service to customers. So when iSOCO proposed creating Mr Testis, we knew that we had found what we needed," says Ramón Arellano, the Kukuxumusu communications manager. Arellano asserts that, "Since we have had Mr Testis, we have had a better understanding of the people who visit our website, what it is they are looking for and their needs, which enables us to develop new products that we know will work."

Kukuxumusu's virtual shop assistant has been created using semantic technology, based on a solution used by iSOCO known as Ontology. The application interprets users' complex questions to meet their needs more accurately.

The tool also enables management of concepts and synonyms to gain a more accurate understanding of the customers' questions and thereby offer the products that best suit their preferences.

Search engine optimisation

On the basis of the frequent questions and responses, iSOCO's semantic search engine also integrates all the queries from clients and strengthens the SEO positioning in Google. In the specific case of Kukuxumusu, the main challenge for iSOCO consisted of describing the designs of all the brand's products, to implement it in the intelligent search system.

Each product is described according to the parameters used by the users of the online retailer which coincide with those that they would write when they carry out a query by topic in Google, which favours the appearance of the brand in the top results returned by the search engine.

For over ten years iSOCO has been helping companies optimise their position in the Network Economy and has become a leading provider of semantic technology and artificial intelligence. The company is currently immersed in an ambitious international expansion plan, backed by its experience and solidity in the market.

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About iSOCO
iSOCO is Spain's foremost ICT company with a clear commitment to internationalisation as a leading technology provider to help companies develop and position themselves in the Network Economy. It has its own R&D centre, iLAB, and it stands as an international leader in semantic technology and artificial intelligence. Its main differentiating factor resides in the combination of a range of services based on proprietary technology.

It was founded in 1999 as a spin-off of the CSIC (the Spanish High Council for Scientific Research) and has a clear global outlook and local presence in the main markets. It is the only Spanish company to appear in the WCM Marketshare2010 and the instigator of the Spanish LinkedData Association (AELID).

With blue-chip clients like Almirall, AstraZéneca, Bankinter, BT, Colt, Grupo Leche Pascual, La Caixa, Repsol YPF and Zurich, among others, iSOCO is internationally renowned and possesses one of the most comprehensive semantic engines in the world: Semanti-K ®.

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