Mobile Spy Phone/Hacking Software Now Available as a Demo Download by MobileBugStore

MobileBugStore provides free Spy Phone demo software for Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile/Phone.

Seattle, WA, August 11, 2011 --( As a first time offer from any company in the World, you can download Spy Phone software as a demo on your device and test. Such a claim has not been available and provides end users with an immense quality assurance never seen before.

This software tied to the IMEI of the device provides a time frame for demo and cannot be used on all devices. Essentially it is not a spyware that can spread but only allowed for users to try on their device. This ensures that the product is of quality.

MobileBugStore provide demo for Spy Phone, Call Interceptor, Express Spy Phone and cBlaster. Spy Phone enables the user to listen into the room surroundings and Call Interceptor adds on to Spy Phone and enables the user to intercept live calls. Express Spy Phone enables the user to intercept SMS, Call list and GPS Logs and cBlaster enables the user to get a log of Blackberry Messenger and browsing (available on both Blackberry and iphone).

This software originally intended for Corporate users to regulate and monitor their employees and Parents that wish to keep a tab on their children will be happy to see this added feature so that they can be sure of the data they will receive. Corporate customers can now alter their backend accordingly to keep a record of all their employee’s activity.

About MobileBugStore:
We are an OEM that develops software for Mobile Devices for tracking and forensics since 2001. MobileBugStore was developed to provide specialized catering to Corporates to track employees and fleet of vehicles from anywhere. The solutions were developed so that back end systems can be aligned to talk to mobile devices and communicate with each other.

Solutions were also developed to align with Insurance policies where the company is requied to monitor employee safety when they are deployed in war zones or hot situations. The monitoring solutions also ensure that no illegal activities are being undertaken by employees during business negotiations.

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