New Video from Online Course Success Helps College Students Make Transition to Online Classroom

College students taking online courses need special skills and strategies to succeed in the online classroom. This new video from Online Course Success shows them how to make the transition.

Portland, ME, August 11, 2011 --( Online Course Success ( has published an in-depth instructional video to help college students make the transition to the online classroom.

The video offers practical advice about taking online tests, how to interact with other students, make valuable contributions to class discussions, even how to write the perfect term paper.

“In about 20 minutes, online college students will have all the insider information they need to succeed,” says video producer Tim Lundie.

According to Lundie, Online Course Success features a 16-year veteran online college teacher who wrote and narrated the video. “Students immediately recognize that they are learning from a teacher who knows how students succeed online and can pass on those tips to the newcomer.”

In addition to the basics, the video gives tips on how students can overcome the anonymous nature of the online classroom and become a real person to the instructor. In many cases, creating an online classroom “personality” helps students get special consideration – and better grades – from their teachers.

Lundie points out that the fastest growing segment in higher education is the online college market. “Everywhere people look – on the Internet, on television and radio, in print media – dozens of colleges and universities are marketing their online programs. And there seems to be enough demand to keep most online colleges busy,” says Lundie.

According to the Sloan Consortium, more than 30% of American college students – some 15 million students – are taking at least one online college class.

“People mistakenly believe that taking an online college course is just like taking a regular, traditional class, but in an online environment. Nothing could be further from the truth,” says Lundie. “Online classes require far more discipline, more organizational skills, and a unique set of techniques to make a positive impression and get good grades. Most online students and teachers will adamantly tell you that an online course is typically more work than its counterpart in a face-to-face classroom setting.”

According to Lundie, the Online Course Success video will help students conquer the unique challenges of the online environment.

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