Find Limited Time Savings on Popular Single Malt Scotch Brands Including Glenrothes and Talisker from The Whiskey Place is offering a limited time sale on Glenrothes and Talisker whiskey, among other single malt scotch brands.

New York, NY, August 11, 2011 --( The Whiskey Place, a single malt scotch whiskey retailer available online at, is promoting its limited-time bargains on Glenrothes and Talisker single malt scotch. The online store features a wide variety of single malt scotch brands available at competitive prices.

“Our goal is to constantly stock quality single malt scotch brands to keep our customers happy. We currently have about 900 single malt scotch whiskeys, all at affordable prices, and we’re always seeking out new products released each year from companies that have a long, genuine heritage,” said Mr. Zimmerman, CEO of The Whiskey Place.

Known for its premium single malt whiskey, the Talisker Distillery is uniquely located on the Isle of Skye, drawing water from the nearby Hawk Hill underground springs. The Whiskey Place offers an affordable bottle of 10-year-old Talisker for $59.99; this popular bottling features a full body, a pungent, smoke-accented nose and a peppery, long finish. The Distiller’s Edition single malt whiskey is another choice batch, with an attractive nose, a rich, mouth-coating body and a warm, soothing finish. The Talisker Distiller's Edition is on sale for $69.99 at

A unique presence in the single malt scotch industry, the Glenrothes Distillery from the Speyside region determines its bottlings by vintage, not age. This unusual practice, Zimmerman notes, promotes the idea that the quality of a bottle is not solely determined by age; the distillery aims to bottle its casks at the peak of the aging process, regardless of how long or short their maturations.

Distinct for its fresh, floral nose of coconut and vanilla, the Glenrothes Alba Reserve is on sale at The Whiskey Place for just $59.99. This single malt scotch was matured exclusively in American oak casks, delivering an abundance of coconut and vanilla and a palate with a soft mellow, crème brulee flavor. For a scotch that truly embodies Glenrothes, the Select Reserve single malt scotch is a good bet at only $49.99, featuring a palate with full malty flavors, vanilla and orange zest.

For the single malt scotch aficionado, The Whiskey Place also carries Glenrothes vintages such as the Glenrothes 1994, which boasts an all-around fruity palate and finish; priced at $69.99, this is the perfect single malt scotch to pair with a light meal or to entertain guests before dinner. The Glenrothes year 1998, alternatively, offers a flavorful experience of pineapple, mango, sweet bananas and coconut with a smooth, long, rich vanilla finish. A successful follow-up to the Glenrothes 1991 and 1994 vintages, the 1998 single malt scotch was also the first bottling by Gordon Motion as the Glenrothes Malt Master.

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