Celebrates Third Anniversary of Providing Free Information to Help Adult Children Help Their Aging Parents

Co-founders share how personal experiences lead to launch of

Las Vegas, NV, August 11, 2011 --( Co-Founders, Karen Frye and Amber Sandhoff, are proud to be celebrating’s third anniversary this month. “We launched the website with the idea we could help people who were trying to help their aging parents and loved ones whether they lived in the same city or across the country,” said Frye.

Sandhoff had just such an experience with her dad. “My dad had an emergency situation about five years ago. I received a call that he was in the hospital. He lived in central California and I was in Las Vegas,” explains Sandhoff. “After arriving at the hospital and talking with the doctors, they made it clear he didn’t have much time. I knew I needed to have some tough conversations with my dad. Did he have a will? Did he still want to be cremated? We needed a power of attorney and an advance directive. While my dad was telling me ‘it’s not my time!,’ the doctors were giving him less than six months.” Sandhoff continued, “Fortunately, we got everything taken care of with the help of a case worker at the hospital. And my dad was right. He is still here today, but it was a long road getting here. And that long distance caregiver journey continues today.”

While both of Frye’s parents are healthy, the dynamics of their relationships have changed. “Both of my parents have had minor health issues over the past few years. And, I find they come to me to ask my opinion, to do research and even for advice as to what they should do.” said Frye. “More and more parents are looking to their adult children for guidance, advice and direction. The roles are reversing, but not in a negative way. Our parents respect and trust us, so they turn to us for guidance. In many ways it has brought my parents, siblings and I closer, and opened the doors to talking about some difficult topics that needed to be discussed.” concludes Frye.

Frye and Sandhoff continue to use and incorporate their personal experiences as continues to grow and evolve.

Visitors to will find over 50 categories of senior related information and services for every state in the country. The “Getting Started!” tab allows visitors to search by state for information and providers. When the visitor selects a state and category then clicks on “Submit,” the site aggregates all the information on the website for that topic, i.e. articles, providers and documents.

The “Provider” tab allows visitors to search for providers by state or zip code, and category. This page will pull up providers in the area where the service is needed. The adult daughter can search for providers in Colorado, where her mom lives, even if she is living in New York.

The “Service Orgs” tab provides information on state and local assistance programs, charitable organizations, senior centers, support groups, government programs and much, much more.

Visitors to will also find articles, documents, FAQ’s, a blog, senior specials offered by providers, and a calendar of events. All this information is free. Visitors aren’t required to give out their personal information to access this information. All the information is transparent: phone numbers, links to websites and e-mail addresses.

“Our goal is to be a trusted resource for adult children of aging parents, caregivers and seniors,” said Sandhoff. “A resource people recommend to others, and visit again and again to find valuable information.”

Visitors to will also find eldercare information, aging parent resources and senior service providers in every state across the country.

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