PublishAmerica Presents Our Hispanic Roots by Carlos B. Vega

Frederick, MD, March 31, 2007 --( PublishAmerica is proud to present Our Hispanic Roots: What History Failed to Tell Us by Carlos B. Vega of North Bergen, New Jersey.

The Hispanic contribution to the making of the United States has been blatantly glossed over by most historians for the past three hundred years, despite the gallant effort of a handful of them who sought to do justice and set the record straight. This misrepresentation of the historical facts has rendered a whole nation to become oblivious to its true beginnings and formation, crippling its character and jeopardizing its future.

This book, based on established and undisputed historical records, is a new attempt to bring out the whole truth, to make us realize how this nation really came into being. The making of present-day United States did not begin in 1607, nor was it confined to thirteen unsettled colonies barely occupying a minute portion of a vast continent. We need to set the historical clock back and then forward, from 1513 on through well past 1776, and give due credit to Spain and other Hispanic countries, such as Mexico, for laying down many of the foundations that made us what we are today. We need also to be proud of our Hispanic heritage, and trumpet it with equal fervor and appreciation as we do it with other less deserving ones. It is only then that we would be able to define our character both as a nation and as a people.

Carlos B. Vega is an accomplished author of forty-six books to date. He has devoted his entire professional life to advancing the cause of Hispanism and fostering better relations and understanding between Hispanics and the United States. He has done this as a writer, speaker, and a college professor for over thirty years.

Shawn Street