CommerceOnFacebook Predicts "Huge Boost in UK Online Retail Sales as Riots Continue"

As riots continue and spread across the UK, CommerceOnFacebook.Com predicts a "huge boost in online retail sales giving customers a safer environment and no risk of physical attack."

London, United Kingdom, August 11, 2011 --( “It’s only common sense that online retail sales will grow during this period of time and increase to grow thereafter. The knock on effect will be that people who were not familiar with online purchasing before will now become a part of the online shopping experience. This will cause a huge change to the psychology of online shopping. People can stay in the comfort and safety of their homes to purchase everything ranging from grocery supplies to clothes to expensive electronic equipment. They will also become more aware that in addition to their physical security increasing, their purchasing is also better protected online,” Nigel Kennedy, Editor of Commerce On Facebook (, stated.

Continuing, Kennedy said, “Without belittling the situation or capitalizing on the crisis, this presents a unique opportunity for e-Commerce providers, social commerce sites and fulfillment providers. More retailers, at least in the UK, will look to turn their businesses online or increase their existing online presence. This will increase the setup of full online e-Commerce sites. The businesses will then need to promote their online presence. If they are smart, they will follow the same tactics as the riot organizers and increase their reach through social media and social commerce. Taking advantage of a fragile situation, retailers should be promoting an 'all-round' safe environment for online shopping.”

The rioting, which started in Tottenham, London four nights ago, is now spreading across England. Despite the situation in London being held at a standoff, Birmingham and Liverpool have been the latest areas hit by the outbreaks of theft and violence. Police are unable to control the situation due to ineffective battle tactics and a distinct lack of manpower, which will only decrease after additional government proposed policing cuts.

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