Gregg Hale at The DAVE School

Orlando, FL, August 12, 2011 --( “Blair Witch” Producer Gregg Hale Teaming with The DAVE School to Produce VFX Music Video as their “Block 4” Final Student Project.

Gregg Hale, Haxan Films Producer of the indie horror sensation, The Blair Witch Project, has teamed up with The DAVE School to produce a music video for the rock band, Clutch, called Space Grass. “I’m a big fan of the band and this is one of my favorite songs by them. It’s the backstory of the birth of a space king. It’s How I Met Your Mother -- in space,” said Hale, who is working directly with the students. “Access to a full crew of animators is an amazing resource. The DAVE School has been turning out some incredible final projects and I’m lucky to be able to tap into that. It’s great to work with students and see their enthusiasm for their craft.”

The DAVE School will provide over 150 visual effect shots for the 6-minute video. “That’s as many as a feature film. This is a fantastic opportunity,” said Jason Pichon, one of two DAVE School Block 4 instructors. “Gregg has been great to work with. He gave the best lecture I’ve heard at The DAVE School so far. This project has some really great potential.”

Dan Smith, also a DAVE School Block 4 instructor, is equally excited about this collaboration. “Gregg has given us incredible insight into the film process. Working with the most successful independent filmmaker of all time is a once-in-a-lifetime, extremely valuable lesson for us, and our students.”

Hale, a graduate of Valencia College and the University of Central Florida, both in Orlando, is also one of the Executive Creative Directors at Campfire, one of the ad industry’s leaders in interactive and online advertising. His most recent long-form film projects were Altered, a sci-fi/horror film which was purchased and released by Rogue Pictures, and Seventh Moon, a supernatural thriller starring Amy Smart, released on Blu-ray and DVD by Lionsgate. The Blair Witch Project, which garnered Gregg the Nova Award as outstanding new producer from the Producer’s Guild of America in 1999, grossed more than $140 million domestically in 1999 thanks to a variety of Haxan’s landmark viral marketing campaigns. The film grossed $250 million worldwide.

Located on the back lot of Universal Studios, Florida, in Sound Stage 25, The DAVE School's 35,000 square foot facility includes three labs, a shooting stage with a 65'x 25' green screen, and a state of the art motion capture system. Offering comprehensive training in 3D modelling and animation, motion graphics creation, and stereoscopic 3D visual effects production, The DAVE School is producing a new breed of 3D and visual effects artists. Recent graduates’ work can be seen in blockbuster movies, including Thor, The Green Lantern and Captain America. Their reputation for producing top talent is why 85% of DAVE School graduates are immediately placed into the 3D/VFX industry for companies including Stereo D, Pixomondo, Digital Domain, and Rhythm & Hues.

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