ACISCO Promotes Modular Office Furniture Leasing to Increase Productivity on a Deadline and Conserve Working Capital

ACISCO is promoting its leasing programs for modular workstations, which enable companies quick, flexible furnishing while conserving business capital. The modular office furniture application is simple with a fast approval time so productivity can be increased even when a deadline is fast approaching.

Jericho, NY, August 10, 2011 --( For many industries the climate of business is anything but static, but the goal remains the same: Increase productivity, decrease cost. To cater to this mindset, the Associated Corporate & Institutional Services Company (ACISCO) is promoting its leasing programs for modular workstations, office seating, and other furnishings. The modular office furniture store's leasing packages offer a number of advantages over bank loans and cash purchases by providing flexible, long-term financing with a speedy approval process.

"ACISCO's hassle-free modular office furniture leasing allows businesses to acquire the office storage, seating, and workstations they require while keeping costs low and turnaround time quick. We want to make it as simple as possible so that business owners can get back to what they do best: running their businesses," said Meridith Zwirn, COO of ACISCO.

ACISCO's modular office furniture leasing enables clients to conserve working capital and bank credit lines, even during large-scale furnishing projects. The workroom and conference room furniture store's leasing also offers 100% equipment and software financing, a choice solution for client's investing in modular workstations with built-in flatscreen monitors and similar functionalities. Available online at, the application and one-page lease document are simple to fill out and typically approved in a matter of hours, at which point clients can embark on fixed payment plans.

ACISCO offers a wide selection of modular workstations for businesses, including employee training stations, semi-private offices, and floor to ceiling lockable spaces suited for conference room furniture. Unlike traditional office planning, which involves plaster and sheetrock, ACISCO's modular office furniture is easy to move and manipulate to accommodate future growth while still fostering the same professional image crucial to the workplace.

To learn more about ACISCO or buy office furniture, call 1-877-5-ACISCO or visit ACISCO is also available on Facebook at and Twitter at, and the company operates a modular office furniture blog at

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