Free Nutritional Therapy for Diabetics

Medical Nutrition Therapy is a Free Service offered by Portrait Health Centers of Buffalo Grove, IL to seniors on Medicare who have diabetes or kidney disease.

Buffalo Grove, IL, August 12, 2011 --( Everyone affected by diabetes can attest that managing diabetes through healthy lifestyles is not as easy at it seems. Now Portrait Health Centers in Buffalo Grove is offering a free service for Medicare eligible seniors that can greatly improve their quality of life while giving them better control over their diabetes.

Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) involves a Registered Dietitian who meets with an eligible patient to discuss meal plans, meal preparation, and dietary strategies to maintain healthy blood glucose levels. The dietitian works along with the patient and their caregiver to create a regimen designed to provide positive results and get blood glucose levels back to normal. On a subsequent visit, the Registered Dietitian follows up with the patient and assesses progress. After the third session, it will be determined if more therapy is needed or if the patient is able to maintain healthy glucose levels on his or her own.

Reduced diabetes complications have been demonstrated through MNT. Other benefits of MNT include a decreased risk of falling, improved immunity, and fewer hospitalizations among MNT participants. Some other benefits include fewer episodes of memory loss and confusion as well as reduced loss of sensation in the feet and hands, called neuropathy. Better dietary habits and enhanced physical strength improve patients’ fitness and overall well-being, which is the ultimate goal of MNT.

For information about how to enroll in free Medical Nutritional Therapy with a Registered Dietitian at Portrait Health Centers, contact the office in Buffalo Grove, IL at (847) 868-3435. You may also set up an appointment online through

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