69 Year Old Canadian Man Attempts to Summit Mount Everest and Become the Oldest Person in the World to Have Climbed the Seven Highest Mountains on the Seven Continents

Attempt Made to Climb Mount Everest by 69 Year Old Canadian Man

Los Angeles, CA, March 31, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Canadian businessman, Werner Berger, left for Mount Everest on March 28, 2007 from LAX to summit Mount Everest and begin filming on his new movie, “Meet Me at the Top.”   Werner will be gone for 8 weeks as he attempts to become the oldest North American to ever climb Mount Everest.

In 2006, Werner reached the summit of Mt. McKinley, North America’s highest. This was preceded by successful summits of Mt. Aconcagua (South America),  Mt.Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mt. Elbrus (Europe), Vinson Massif (Antarctica) and Mt. Kosciuzsko (Australia).  These experiences, in addition to years of training, have now prepared him for the ultimate challenge, the Mt. Everest expedition.

Werner has found that his age is not a big factor in his ability to climb and summit mountains. “I believe that my age has nothing to do with my abilities.  I don’t even know what being 69 years old feels like and with the expedition to Mount Everest, I hope to show people that they can make it to the top of their own health and wellness goals,” Berger said.

Werner Berger is one of those special people who is looking to help others, and as part of the expedition, and his life, he is producing the new motion picture, “Meet Me at the Top;” a film that is both entertaining and educational and speaks to the personal choices everyone can make when it comes to optimizing health.

The film is being directed by San Diego resident and filmmaker, Randall Blaum, President of Marketing Experts International, who recently finished the controversial documentary UR Pre-Approved, due out in theatres later this year.  Meet Me at the Top is a feature/documentary that will take a deep look into the well-lined pockets of big drug companies and ask the question. “Why are so many drugs being prescribed when there are other alternatives?”        
Werner has always had a passion for wellness and the outdoors, and took his first back packing trip into the Himalayas at age of 57. He has never looked back.  He has achieved all his mountain climbing goals to date, and now has the summit of his life ahead of him.  Full of determination, Werner now works out up to three hours per day and sleeps in a high altitude tent to ready himself for his attempt of Mount Everest.

For today’s busy executives, homemakers, students, and others Werner hopes to set an example to prove that good health is within everyone’s grasp, no matter their age, or experience.  Werner Berger will also be releasing a book on how he maintains a healthy lifestyle and how he has prepared to climb the “Seven Summits”. 

For more information about Werner Berger visit www.MeetMeAtTheTop.com

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